Highway 99 (Hwy 99) is a ring motorway that encircles Rosewood. It appears in Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Need for Speed: World.

All districts of Rosewood are connected to Highway 99, which also has connections to the northern side of Downtown Rockport and Gray Point.


The southern end is connected to Petersburg and Downtown Rockport.

The western section utilises two junctions near Rosewood's baseball stadiums.The southern junction, Skyview Interchange, connects the highway to Hollis Boulevard and a blocked road section leading to an incomplete bridge. Stadium Interchange connects Heritage Heights to the highway. Between both locations, an entrance to the parking lot of Hickley Field can be found.

The northern section passes through mountainous forestland around Heritage Heights and the Forest Green Country Club. It contains a series of winding roads, which pass a long tunnel at the east, through which Campus Interchange, Union Row and Rosewood College Campus can be reached. Within the northeastern section of Highway 99, the Forest Green Country Club can be entered.

The eastern section is located within farmland and passes along a river. From this location, players may drive to Gray Point or the Forest Green Country Club via Camden Interchange. To the south of the location, another junction connecting the highway to Downtown Rosewood and South Gray Point can be found. A police station from the Rockport Police Department is also connected to the area.


The Tri-City rendition of the highway featured in Need for Speed: World was expanded to connect Rosewood with Silverton. The blocked road on Skyview Interchange was opened as a connection to Infinity Park and led through a tunnel instead of an incomplete bridge. The northwestern section of the highway featured a road going to Silverton Refinery, which passed through the nearby mountain of that district.


  • The blocked road path on Skyview Interchange is used as an escape route during the heat condition 6 pursuit within the epilogue of the career mode.
  • Four tollbooths are located within Highway 99, which were not featured in Need for Speed: World.


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