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For the Hot Pursuit event in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010), see Highway Battle.

A Highway Battle is a special form of Outrun. This race mode was only available in Need for Speed: Undercover. It features similar gameplay mechanics as Outrun with a greater influence from Canyon Duel featured in Need for Speed: Carbon.

The winner is the first driver to overtake their opponents and sustain a lead of 1000ft (300m). The courses are along Highway routes with large amounts of traffic.

Highway Battles cannot be triggered in free roam as they are generally specific to a certain rival.


Type Name Start Location Time Limit
NFSUCIconHighwayBattle East I-20 Interstate 20 1:00
NFSUCIconHighwayBattle Gold Coast & Mountain Hwy Interstate 5 2:00
NFSUCIconHighwayBattle I-5 North Interstate 10 1:30
NFSUCIconHighwayBattle I-5 to I-85 Interstate 5 1:30
NFSUCIconHighwayBattle I-10 to I-5 Interstate 10 1:30
NFSUCIconHighwayBattle I-10 North Interstate 10 1:30
NFSUCIconHighwayBattle I-20 to Gold Coast Interstate 20 1:40
NFSUCIconHighwayBattle I-85 to I-5 Interstate 85 2:00
NFSUCIconHighwayBattle North I-85 Interstate 85 1:00
NFSUCIconHighwayBattle South I-5 Interstate 5 2:00
NFSUCIconHighwayBattle South I-85 Interstate 85 2:00
NFSUCIconHighwayBattle Southeast I-20 Interstate 20 1:20
NFSUCIconHighwayBattle West I-5 Interstate 5 1:15
NFSUCIconHighwayBattle West I-20 Interstate 20 1:15
NFSUCIconHighwayBattle West I-85 Interstate 85 1:00
NFSUCIconWheelman Road Rage Interstate 5 1:30
NFSUCIconWheelman Rush Hour Interstate 20 1:30
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