Ho Seun
Rank Blacklist #15
Alias Sonny
Strength Circuit Races
VWSmallMain Golf GTI
NFS Most Wanted Blacklist Bio - 15 Sonny

NFS Most Wanted Blacklist Bio - 15 Sonny

Ho Seun (Chinese 何孫 ) - better known as "Sonny" - is one of the antagonists of Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

Sonny appears as the fifteenth Blacklist member and the first boss of the title's career mode. He drives a white Volkswagen Golf GTI with a blue unique vinyl featuring Chinese calligraphy.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted


"This here is Sonny. He's dumped a whole lot of cash into his car. That ride is worked so don't be fooled, it's a rocket. He does anything he can to get a hold of parts before they hit the streets."


The player needs to win 3 races, complete 3 pursuit milestones and earn a 20,000 bounty to challenge Sonny. Players will receive 5,000 bounty upon completing a pursuit milestone, and 4,000 bounty for each speed camera.

After defeating Sonny in his last race, the player will win $5,000 and may select multiple reward cards.

BlacklistBountyIcon 20,000 Bounty
BlacklistRaceIcon NFSMWCircuitIcon Ironwood Estates
NFSMWLapKnockoutIcon Hickley Field (Knockout)
NFSMWSprintIcon Diamond & Union
BlacklistMilestoneIcon NFSMWMilestoneTradepaintIcon Damage 2 police vehicles in a single pursuit
NFSMWMilestonePursuitTime1Icon Evade a pursuit in under 4
NFSMWMilestonePursuitTime2Icon Evade a pursuit after 2
NFSMWMilestoneSpeedCameraIcon Pass a speed camera at over 81 mph
NFSMWRivalRaceIcon NFSMWCircuitIcon Campus Way NFSMWCircuitIcon Highlands


Volkswagen Golf GTI

NFSMWEngineIcon Race NFSMWTransmissionIcon Race NFSMWSuspensionIcon stock
NFSMWNitrousIcon - NFSMWTyresIcon stock NFSMWBrakesIcon stock
NFSMWTurboIcon stock NFSMWSuperchargerIcon -
NFSMWBodykitIcon #1 NFSMWRimsIcon BBS CH 20" NFSMWDecalsIcon -
NFSMWSpoilerIcon stock NFSMWRoofScoopIcon Headwind NFSMWVinylsIcon Unique vinyls
NFSMWHoodIcon Trident NFSMWPaintIcon Gloss #3 NFSMWWindowTintIcon Dark pearl red

Need for Speed: Most Wanted 5-1-0


"This clown's street name is T-Ho. He dumped a whole lot of daddy's money into his car. He loves throwin' cash around. Work 'im when you're low on bills."


He drives a Volkswagen Golf GTI with similar vinyls, but with a different body kit.

  • Tint: 6
  • Body kit: Street Spec
  • Spoiler: Default
  • Hood: Default
  • Vinyl: Sonny's Vinyl
  • Rims: Ultra 18" - White
  • Paint: Standard - White


  • His theme song is a censored version of "Tao of The Machine (Scott Humphrey's Remix)" by The Roots and BT.
  • He is believed to be of Chinese descent.
  • There are two Chinese characters on his car reading "極速" meaning "maximum speed" in traditional Chinese.
  • In 5-1-0, his bio states his nickname is "T-Ho," but his name remains indicated as "Sonny."


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