Holden is an Australian car manufacturer and a subsidary of General Motors. While Holden was a major car producer in its homeland, the brand is primarily known for its high-performance HSV (Holden Special Vehicles) V8 sports cars.

Holden's Adelaide factory closed at the end of 2017, marking the end of Holden's production line in Australia, and its transition into an import brand for certain General Motors vehicles.

In February of 2020, It had been announced that Holden will be closing down by 2021 due to GM leaving Australia.


Infobox 2017White Car NFSRPerformancePartsIcon Infobox 2017White Calendar Infobox 2017White Engine Infobox 2017White BHP Infobox 2017White Torque Infobox 2017White Acceleration Infobox 2017White TopSpeed Infobox 2017White Gearbox Infobox 2017White Layout Infobox 2017White Mass
Coupé GTS (V2) NFSMW2012CarIcon 2001 - 2003 5.7L V8 402 bhp 376 lb⋅ft 4.7 secs. 155 mph 6-speed FR 1677 kg
GTS (VT) (Series I) NFSMW2012CarIcon 1997 - 1999 5.7L V8 295 bhp 349 lb⋅ft 5.9 secs. 155 mph 6-speed FR 1764 kg
Mobil Holden Racing Team VT Commodore NFSMW2012CarIcon 1998 - 2002  V8 FR
SV99 (VT) (Series II) NFSMW2012CarIcon 1999 5.7L V8 335 bhp 349 lb⋅ft 5.2 secs. 169 mph 6-speed FR 1679 kg
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