The Honda Civic CX is the entry-level model of the sixth generation Honda Civic. The CX trim was solely available in hatchback body style with a 1.6L inline-four engine.


Need for Speed: ProStreet

The Civic CX appears in Need for Speed: ProStreet as a tier 1 starter car costing $16,000.

Due to a low kerb weight, it has a responsive steering, allowing it to be stable at almost any cornering speed. Its stock engine configuration gives it average power and speed, which can be greatly increased by performance upgrades.

While being a good choice in Grip, it gains competitiveness in Drag as well after applying performance upgrades.

At Challenge: Nevada, the player can use two Battle Machine themed cars; a Honda Civic CX and Chevrolet Cobalt SS. After dominating the race day, players can pick one of these cars for their garage.


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