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The 1995 Honda Integra Type R (DC2) is a small 3-door coupé manufactured by Honda.

Based on the third generation Integra model, the Type R specification was first introduced to the Japanese domestic market in 1995 before being introduced to other markets in 1998. With the introduction to other markets, different engines were fitted to meet multiple regional requirements; C5 in North America, C6 in Europe, and C7 in Australia.

It was the second Honda model to receive a Type R specification, following on from the NSX Type R in 1992. Fitted with a B-series Honda engine, the hand built B18C dual overhead cam inline-4 engine has an increased rev range, high compression pistons, and revised intake. Teamed with a J4D close-ratio 5-speed gearbox and a helical limited-slip differential, the improved responsiveness and excellent handling was an standout improvement in the Interga model range.

Alongside the improved engine and gearbox, lighter wheels were fitted alongside a 10% thinner windscreen and a strengthened chassis for suspension upgrades. With alterations making the Type R a lighter coupé, customers were also offered options to remove airbags, radio, rear window wiper, and anti-lock brakes for an even lighter Integra.

In 1998, multiple changes were made including a different rear bumper, larger brakes, 16-inch wheels, and alterations to the gear ratio.


Need for Speed: No Limits

The Integra DC2 Type R appears in Need for Speed: No Limits as part of the Brothers of Blackridge update in the "Brothers of Blackridge" event that took place from May 22, 2021 to May 31, 2021.


The Integra DC2 Type R is a street class car that requires 40 rare blueprints to unlock. The blueprints required to unlock the vehicle can be found from various sources:

  • "Brothers of Blackridge" event
NFSNL Honda IntegraTypeRDC2 Carlist.jpg Street Class Street Stock 650 400 525 225 Performance Rating
NFSNL GoldStar 1.pngNFSNL GreyStar 4.png x40 Rare Blueprints Max 4427 4076 4251 620 Performance Rating
Stage Upgrades