Hornets Nest is the twenty-third Job mission in Need for Speed: Undercover.

The mission begins with the player entering a shipping container and stealing a gray Pagani Zonda F in Port Crescent Dockyards at 6:24 p.m. The Zonda belongs to the leader of the Triads - Chau Wu.

GMAC calls the player and orders them to drive to a TCBPD precinct within the next ninety seconds. They are also being pursued by Chau Wu's henchmen in a series of black Lexus IS-Fs.

The player has to create $25,000 cost to state upon arriving at the precinct and after being noticed by the cops. Chau Wu's henchmen will continue to pursue the player.

The player must lose the police and drop the car at Chau Wu's estate upon earning the required Cost to State amount.

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