Hummer was an American automotive manufacturer founded in 1992 producing off-road SUVs. The Hummer H1, which was Hummer's first model, was a civilian variant of the Humvee military purpose vehicle.

The H2 and H3 were Hummer's first vehicles that were designed for the civilian market. Hummers were often criticised for having poor fuel economy and being too large, which also posed a threat to smaller vehicles in accidents.


Model EngineInfoboxIcon2015 BHPInfoboxIcon2015 TorqueInfoboxIcon2015 DrivetrainInfoboxIcon2015 AccelerationInfoboxIcon2015 MassInfoboxIcon2015 TopSpeedInfoboxIcon2015 TransmissionInfoboxIcon2015
H1 Alpha 6.6L V8 300 bhp 520 lb·ft AWD 12.3 secs 3559 kg
(7846 lbs)
103 mph
(166 km/h)
H2 6.0L V8 325 bhp 385 lb·ft AWD 10.9 secs 2900 kg
(6393 lbs)
125 mph
(201 km/h)
H2 SUT 6.2L V8 393 bhp 415 lb·ft AWD 9.1 secs 0 kg
(0 lbs)
0 mph
(0 km/h)
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