Infineon II is a race day event featured in Need for Speed: ProStreet.

The event takes place at Infineon and is hosted by the Super Promotion organisation. The race day is unlocked upon Ryan Cooper dominating Super Promotion's Mondello Park event.

The race day allows all participants to drive any vehicle of their choosing but a Grip, Drag and Drift vehicle is required for entry. A backup car may also be chosen but will be restricted to a single class.

Completing a race at this race day event will award $1,800 for a 3rd place finish, $2,700 for a 2nd place finish and $4,500 for a 1st place finish.

Reaching the win criteria at the race day will reward Ryan Cooper with $10,000. Dominating the race day will reward Ryan Cooper with $20,000 and unlock the Texas World Speedway event within the Super Promotion organisation.

It will also unlock the Challenge: Nevada II event within the Super Promotion organisation as part of the Collector's Edition Upgrade.


Super Promotion's Infineon II race day has a total of seven available events; two Drifts, one Grip Class, one Grip, one Half-Mile Drag, and one Time Attack.

Event Type Course Duration Target Time NFSPSStarIcon Holder
NFSPSDriftIcon Drift Drift Course A 3 Heats 8,470 Vinnie Gaul
NFSPSGripIcon Grip Class Short Circuit 3 Laps 8,830 Henrik Dehn
NFSPSGripIcon Grip GP Circuit 3 Laps 9,080 Ray Krieger
NFSPSDragIcon 1/2 Mile Drag Half-Mile Drag 3 Heats 18.97 9,160 Ivan Tarkovsky
NFSPSDriftIcon Drift Drift Course B 3 Heats 8,430 Aki Kimura
NFSPSGripIcon Time Attack Short Circuit 3 Laps 46.26 9,450 Ryo Watanabe
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