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Jack is a driver. One of the best.
His cockiness and arrogance have led him into a debt he can't repay. The mob have put a price on his head.
He's looking for a way out
Need for Speed: The Run
Jack Rourke is the main protagonist and role that players take on in Need for Speed: The Run. He is portrayed by actor Sean Faris.

Need for Speed: The Run

He is a marked man running from both the Mob and the Police. He is chased by the police for his street racing offences and vehicle thefts as well as by Mob due to the large debt he owes them.

He enters a massive illegal street racing event called "The Run" with the help of an associate - Sam Harper. He must win the race whilst avoiding the Mob and Police.


  • Jack is the first protagonist to have his face shown during cutscenes. Previous protagonists' faces were only seen in busted cutscenes but were blurred out or purposely pixelated.
  • Jack is the second protagonist to have a full name in-game. The first was Ryan Cooper in Need for Speed: ProStreet.
  • He is the first protagonist to talk in a story driven Need for Speed title.
  • He is replaced by Matt in the Wii and 3DS releases of Need for Speed: The Run.


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