The Jaguar XK8 is a grand tourer convertible of the Jaguar XK X100 generation. Production was launched in 1999 and ceased in 2006. The name XK8 is a reference to the engine of the car.

The XK8 was the entry level model of the XK series, whilst the XKR was the top-range model. Both the Aston Martin DB7 and the XK8 are based on the Jaguar XJS.


Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit

The XK8 appears in the PC release of Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit as a class C vehicle.

Compared to the Aston Martin DB7 and Mercedes-Benz SL 600, the XK8 has worse acceleration and top speed. The lack of power is compensated by a controllable and precise steering.

The model featured in the game is the convertible version despite official images of the vehicle featured in the showcase and loading slide being from the coupe model.


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