Jawad is a character that appears in Need for Speed: Nitro.

Jawad, in his Lamborghini Reventón, races in front of the screen doing donuts before emerging from his car amidst the clouds of smoke.

Looking somewhat displeased, he reaches his pocket and showers cash money in front of the screen before walking back to his Reventón, remarking his culture's wealth and arrogance.[1]

Need for Speed: Nitro

Jawad is the "Top Racer" of Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).


Jawad drives a Tesla Roadster in the Bronze Cup, a Porsche Cayman S in the Silver Cup, and a Lamborghini Reventón in the Gold Cup. All his cars can be unlocked for use in both Arcade Mode and Career Mode, once all stars are obtained in all his city's Bronze, Silver, and Gold Cup events respectively.


  • "You're here for the money? Take all you want, but you'll never take my championship title!"


  • Unlike his in-game counterpart, Jawad's Reventón in his profile video is stock grey instead of black and without his unique livery.
  • Jawad is the only "Top Racer" that does not give any advice to the player.



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