Jeep is an American off-road vehicle manufacturer founded in 1941. The company is chiefly known for the Willys MA which later inspired a civilian version of the off-road vehicle.

Jeep has built several SUV models such as the Grand Cherokee and Liberty. Every Jeep is recognized by the 7-slot front grill.


Infobox 2017White Car NFSRPerformancePartsIcon Infobox 2017White Calendar Infobox 2017White Engine Infobox 2017White BHP Infobox 2017White Torque Infobox 2017White Acceleration Infobox 2017White TopSpeed Infobox 2017White Gearbox Infobox 2017White Layout Infobox 2017White Mass
Comanche NFSMW2012CarIcon 1985 - 1992 4.0L I6 190 bhp 220 lb⋅ft 4-speed F4 1395 kg
Grand Cherokee (ZJ) NFSMW2012CarIcon 1996 - 1998 4.0L I6 190 bhp 225 lb⋅ft 9.7 secs. 112 mph 4-speed FA 1775 kg
Grand Cherokee SRT8 (WK2) NFSMW2012CarIcon 2011 - present 6.4L V8 461 bhp 460 lb⋅ft 4.8 secs. 160 mph 5-speed FA 2360 kg
Wrangler (YJ) NFSMW2012CarIcon 1987 - 1995 4.0L I6 183 bhp 220 lb⋅ft 8.3 secs. 102 mph 5-speed F4 1390 kg
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