Jessica "Jess" Miller is a playable character that appears in Need for Speed: Payback as a member of The Crew with Tyler "Ty" Morgan and Sean "Mac" McAlister.

She is a 27-year-old[1] that can handle herself as a wheelman; keep a low profile and escape any police pursuit. She's the most level-headed of The Crew, but will always help out her friends in need.

Born in Mount Providence, Fortune Valley, she's been a driver for hire for the rich and infamous; leaving her an independent life amidst performing high-risk jobs for the rewards of Silver Rock's criminal underworld, and the thrills of high-speed pursuits.

Need for Speed: Payback

Jess' place in The Crew is to keep her friends safe, but Tyler's pursuit for payback following Lina Navarro's betrayal doesn't make that an easy task.

She's from a rich Fortune Valley family that has deep roots in the criminal underworld, but that didn't stop her from rebelling and attending the Fortune Valley Police Academy until she washed out for taking a cruiser on a joy ride.


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