Kempton is the Southern borough of Palmont City featured in Need for Speed: Carbon and Need for Speed: World.

It is a mostly industrial area in Palmont, and is primarily controlled by Angie's 21st Street Crew in Need for Speed: Carbon. Kempton has long and straight roads designed for muscle cars. The player will start in this borough if they pick the muscle class Chevrolet Camaro SS at the beginning of the career mode.


Kempton is made up of five territories;

  • Eskuri Plaza is located in the north of Kempton. Part of the storm drain system, known as the Steyne Aqueduct, is accessible here, as well as an unused tram line that runs along the main street, which has an underground station.
  • Kempton Holdings is a mostly industrial borough in the south of Kempton. It is also the location of a major shipping port, with three large cranes being visible, and has an intersection leading to the start of Highway 142. It is also where the race seen in the flashback in career mode finishes.
  • Morgan Beach is the largest territory in Kempton, and is the location of Angie's Safehouse, which the player acquires after defeating her. It features prominent leisure facilities, many restaurants, and decorations along the beach boardwalk.
  • Newport Industrial Park is a major industrial territory in Kempton with a large refinery; parts of which can be used as a Pursuit Breaker, and a large smelting plant which can be partially accessed through a shortcut. There are also a lot of railways in this district with various freight trains.
  • The Projects is a territory in the north of Kempton, between Morgan Beach and Eskuri Plaza, mainly made up of old residential buildings. There is also an interchange with Highway 142 in the south of the district.



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