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The Krimson Crew is a street racing crew featured in Need for Speed Carbon: Own the City. It is the sixth and final crew the player has to defeat. They control the Storage, Junkyard and Quarry regions of Coast City.


After handing over Buddy's phone to MK, the player finds out that the person who sent the text messages to Buddy and the main cause of Mick's crash is EX, the leader of the Krimson Crew. After defeating Scotty and Clutch, the player soon challenges EX to a race. After EX is defeated by the player in a race, he gets arrested by MK's police force.

Soon after, Sara appears and challenges the player to one last race. After the race, Sara reveals that the player was the one who killed Mick all along by hiring EX, who in turn hired Buddy to wreck Mick's car.


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