La Catrina is the leader of Graveyard Shift in Need for Speed: Payback. She is a street racer of Hispanic culture that takes much inspiration from the Mexican holiday "Day of the Dead."

Need for Speed: Payback

La Catrina appears during chapter 2 - Desert Winds - of the career. She introduces herself to Tyler after he challenges her crew. Initially unaware of who he is, La Catrina remembers Tyler, but believes that he is not the racer who he once was.

After her crew loses to Tyler, La Catrina starts to see a new fire within Tyler and agrees to race him in a midnight run. La Catrina loses to Tyler and gives him the clue to a derelict.

At the end of chapter 3 - City Lights - La Catrina issues a rematch to Tyler, which turns out to be a trap set-up by The House to lure Tyler and his gang out. After Tyler defeats Gallo Rivera in chapter 4 - Open Skies - La Catrina contacts Tyler and apologizes for setting him up. She then says that she and her crew will support Tyler during the Outlaw's Rush.

During the Outlaw's Rush, La Catrina and Graveyard Shift assist Tyler by drawing away cops that were on The House's payroll.

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