Lina Navarro appears in Need for Speed: Payback as an antagonist against Tyler, Sean, and Jessica's crew.

She's one of Fortune Valley's top technical drivers relying on her street smarts to get ahead, and is determined to win at any cost to the extent of rigging the odds in her favour.

Lina is The House's hand in the street racing scene for her ability and local knowledge, having been born in The Barrio, Silver Rock.

She's known Tyler for many years, having grown up with him in The Barrio, but they differ on one key point of their childhood; where as Tyler's proud of his humble beginnings, Lina is determined to rise above it.

Need for Speed: Payback

Lina's set up Tyler for a fall in favour of her own ambitions with The House. Following her actions, Tyler is after payback for her betrayal.

She's a business woman that wants to shape Fortune Valley to her liking regardless of what Tyler, Sean, and Jessica have planned.

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