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The Lotus Elise Sports Tourer is the base model of the mid-engined roadster by Lotus, and represents the second generation of the Lotus Elise range.

Initially, the Elise boasted a 1.8L inline-four engine by Rover before it was replaced by a Toyota engine in 2004.


Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2

The Lotus Elise appears in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 as a class 5 vehicle in the PC, GameCube, and Xbox releases; and as a class E vehicle in the PlayStation 2.

It is available from the beginning in the PC, GameCube, and Xbox releases, but is unlocked after completing Ultimate Racer event #1 in the PlayStation 2 release.

The Lotus Elise is the slowest car in the game due to its weak engine. On the other hand, it has excellent handling allowing it to exit corners at a higher speed than heavier cars like the Mercedes-Benz CL 55 AMG. Very delicate handling is required, as the Elise can irrecoverably lose traction if oversteered.

NFS Edition

The NFS Edition is unlocked after collecting 4,000 NFS points in the PC, GameCube, and Xbox releases, but in the PlayStation 2 release it is unlocked after collecting 250,000 NFS points.


  • In the PlayStation 2 release, the Elise can be unlocked by entering a button sequence at the main menu; Triangle, R2, Triangle, R2, Left, Square, Left, Square.
  • "Top speed" bonus is not achievable with a Lotus Elise.