Luis is a character that appears in Need for Speed: Nitro.

Luis is one of the racers seen in the opening video challenging Thiago, in his Dodge Charger R/T, and two other racers, in a Lamborghini Reventón and a Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 respectively.

After a few drifts and turns, Luis loses the lead after Thiago activates his Charger R/T's Nitro and blasts ahead of him, before getting the attention of the police, in their Ford Shelby GT500 police cars.

Need for Speed: Nitro

Luis is the "Top Racer" of Madrid, Spain.

Luis dances, twists and turns while holding a red cloth before striking an elegant pose beside his Audi R8.

Despite being frustrated after noticing a crow dropping on the hood of his R8, Luis wipes it off using his red cloth before doing a final spin and pose on it, remarking his culture's tendency for dancing, elegance and perfection.[1]


Luis drives a Hummer H2 SUT in the Bronze Cup, a 1967 Shelby GT500 in the Silver Cup except for the Drag event, and an Audi R8 in the Gold Cup.

All his cars can be unlocked for use in both Arcade Mode and Career Mode, once all stars are obtained in all his city's Bronze, Silver, and Gold Cup events respectively.


  • "When the policía gets on my case, I don't sweat it too much."
  • "You gotta grab a wrench and repair your car, so you can build up your Nitro again and show 'em who's boss."
  • "Being fast is only half the battle; to be a real champion, you gotta be smart too."



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