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The 2005 Maserati MC12 (M144S) is a road-legal version of the Maserati MC12 GT1.

It utilised a 6.0L V12 engine derived from that of the Ferrari Enzo. 50 units were produced for the public in order to allow the MC12 GT1 to participate in the GT1 category of the FIA GT Championship.


Need for Speed: The Run

The MC12 appears in the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 releases of Need for Speed: The Run as an Exotic class car. It is included as part of the downloadable Italian Pack released on January 31, 2012.


The stock MC12 requires the Italian Pack and is unlocked from the beginning of the game.

NFSTR Maserati MC12 Stock.jpg
Top Speed: 205 mph (330 km/h)
0 to 60 Time: 3.8s
BHP: 630 @ 7,500 rpm
Performance: Tier 6
Handling: Normal
Class: Supercar
Drivetrain: RWD
Value: $800,000.00
Manufacture Year: 2005