Melissa is a character featured in Need for Speed: Underground and as part of the Legends update for Need for Speed (2015).

Need for Speed: Underground

After the player has completed the prologue event of Underground Mode, she will appear in a cutscene that shows her hanging out with The Eastsiders and glancing at the player. She reappears as a single opponent in Underground Mode's last event "Legend of the Street."

She drives a silver Nissan 350Z, which can be unlocked for use in Quick Race upon accumulating 2,500,000 style points.

Need for Speed (2015)

In Need for Speed (2015), Melissa will message the player with missions for Eddie's Challenge.


  • Melissa is played by Amy Walz in Need for Speed: Underground.
  • As part of the Legends update's story missions, Travis will mention to the player that he was involved with Eddie and Melissa in the past.


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