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The Mercedes-Benz CLK 500 was the top model of the Mercedes-Benz CLK series between 2002 and 2009.

In 2006, it received a 5.5L V8 engine with 383 bhp. In 2009, the CLK 500 was replaced by the E 500 Coupe.


Need for Speed: Most Wanted

The CLK 500 appears in Need for Speed: Most Wanted with a $75,000 price tag and is unlocked upon beating Blacklist racer #8 - Jewels.

Due to its heavy weight, it suffers from understeer through corners but is suitable for ramming police vehicles in pursuits. Other advantages of the car are a high top speed and quick acceleration.


Kira "Kaze" Nakazato (Blacklist racer #7) drives a modified CLK 500 with a unique livery of a snake wrapped around a cherry blossom tree branch. Her car can be obtained from a pink slip marker after defeating her.

Need for Speed: Carbon

The CLK 500 appears in Need for Speed: Carbon as a tier 1 exotic class car.

It has worse handling than other exotics, but makes up for it with a high top speed and better acceleration. It is capable of reaching over 200 mph (322 km/h) when fully upgraded, and is also effective in pursuits due to its heavy mass.


The stock CLK 500 is unlocked for purchase in the Career mode from the beginning of any career, and it can be purchased from any Car Lot for 45,000 cash.

NFSC MercedesBenz CLK500 Stock.jpg
CarbonExoticIcon.png Exotic Tier 1
Stock: 45,000 cash
Top Speed 2.4
Acceleration 3.0
Handling 2.8


Sal drives a CLK 500 as part of the crew in the exotic career path of the Career mode, if the player drives a tier 1 car.

NFSC MercedesBenz CLK500 CrewSal.jpg
CarbonExoticIcon.png Exotic Tier 1
Crew Member
Top Speed 2.4
Acceleration 3.0
Handling 2.8

Need for Speed: Undercover

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The CLK 500 appears in the PlayStation 2 and Wii releases of Need for Speed: Undercover with a price tag of $42,000. It can be unlocked through career mode progression.

Goons working for Chau Wu will drive a white CLK 500.

Need for Speed: Edge

The CLK 500 2004 appears in Need for Speed: Edge.


  • The CLK 500 appears in all games as a US-spec model.