Monolithic Studios is a bonus course featured in Need for Speed II. The course is located in a fictional setting within the United States.

It can be unlocked by winning the Knockout race series or the tournament series. It can also be unlocked by typing the cheat hollywood at the loading menu in the PC release or SHOTME in the password menu in the PlayStation release.

The course has a lot of straight roads and corners, which are not difficult to master. There are also several jumps. In the rural area, a T-Rex can be seen, which acts as an obstacle.

The course has various sectors that resemble scenes from well-known movies.

The musical pieces "Sound Stage Strut" by Jay Weinland and "Gore" by Saki Kaskas and Jeff van Dyck are played on this course.


  • The T-Rex and UFO can be unlocked for driving upon entering their cheat codes.


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