There are 22 Circuit events in Need for Speed: Carbon that take place across various locations within the confines of Palmont City.


Type Name Start Location Length
NFSCCircuitIcon Beachfront Morgan Beach, Kempton 5 mi 8 km
NFSCCircuitIcon Brooks Street Silverton Refinery, Silverton 7.3 mi 11.7 km
NFSCCircuitIcon Campbell Tunnel Billings District, Downtown Palmont 5.1 mi 8.2 km
NFSCCircuitIcon Condo Row Fortuna Heights, Fortuna 5.1 mi 8.2 km
NFSCCircuitIcon Dover Street The Projects, Kempton 7 mi 11.2 km
NFSCCircuitIcon Garden Boulevard Kings Park, Downtown Palmont 4.8 mi 7.8 km
NFSCCircuitIcon Kempton Docks Newport Industrial Park, Kempton 6.8 mi 11 km
NFSCCircuitIcon Lucky Towers Neon Mile, Silverton 5.9 mi 9.5 km
NFSCCircuitIcon Main Street Mason District, Downtown Palmont 8.8 mi 14.1 km
NFSCCircuitIcon Montezuma Avenue San Juan 7.8 mi 12.5 km
NFSCCircuitIcon North Broadway Starlight Strip, Silverton 4.3 mi 7 km
NFSCCircuitIcon North Road Old Quarter, Downtown Palmont 6 mi 9.6 km
NFSCCircuitIcon Ocean View South Fortuna, Fortuna 6.9 mi 11.1 km
NFSCCircuitIcon Paradise Hotel Shady Pines, Silverton 6.4 mi 10.3 km
NFSCCircuitIcon Robinson Bay Eskuri Plaza, Kempton 10.7 mi 17.2 km
NFSCCircuitIcon Royal Avenue San Juan 4.2 mi 6.7 km
NFSCCircuitIcon Salazar Street San Juan 3.3 mi 5.3 km
NFSCCircuitIcon Savanah Street Diamond Hills, Silverton 6.6 mi 10.6 km
NFSCCircuitIcon Silk Road Historic Chinatown, Downtown Palmont 4.8 mi 7.7 km
NFSCCircuitIcon Skyline Avenue Ocean View, Fortuna 5.3 mi 8.5 km
NFSCCircuitIcon South Fortuna South Fortuna, Fortuna 12.8 mi 20.6 km
NFSCCircuitIcon University Way Palmont University, Fortuna 4.6 mi 7.4 km
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