The player can create a crew in Need for Speed: Carbon and recruit up to three members. They are distinguished by role and speciality, which grants the player various bonuses.

This feature is first introduced in a tutorial by Nikki and Neville in San Juan, where every role is demonstrated.

Crew members can be used in every career mode and Quick Race event. They are not available in checkpoint races, drift matches and every canyon event.


  • Blocker - Blockers take out a targeted vehicle of an opponent by ramming and forcing them to stop. Only one rival can be blocked at one time.
  • Drafter - The role of a Drafter is to give their crew member more speed by letting them slipstream off of them. It is exactly like slipstreaming albeit in a more exaggerated form.
  • Scout - Scouts locate and take shortcuts along a track. Shortcuts they take are highlighted on the minimap by dotted green lines.


  • Fabricator - Autosculpt parts become available for customisation, when a fabricator is added to the crew of the player.
  • Fixer - Fixers add funds to the player's cash prize when winning and lessen the police activity after every race.
  • Mechanic - Mechanics are responsible for increasing Nitrous' potency, longevity of the Speedbreaker, and car or parts discounts.

Recruitable Members

Name Role Speciality Unlock
Colin Drafter Fabricator Defeat Wolf.
Neville Blocker Fixer Available from the beginning.
Nikki Drafter Mechanic Acquire Downtown, Fortuna and Kempton.
Sal Scout Fabricator Finish first in five events.
Samson Blocker Fixer Defeat Angie.
Yumi Scout Mechanic Defeat Kenji.


  • Blockers and scouts will become less effective, if they are unable to keep pace with the player or fall to the back of the pack.
  • Drafters can be counterproductive, if used near a corner.
  • AI controlled crews do not use any crew member capabilities.
  • Players can customise the vehicle of every crew member they have recruited. They are not required to pay for new parts.
  • Crew member vehicles are not upgraded with performance parts, but always have their speed adjusted to the player's progression within a race.

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