Race Wars is a Circuit Race variation featured in Need for Speed: Carbon of which each event route follows around the outermost roads of a district. These large scale racing events are only featured in the PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 releases.

Up to 20 cars participate in a race in the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 releases, but only 12 cars participate in the PC release.

The Challenge Series features three Race Wars events. The races in the Challenge Series are named after the districts they reside within;

The Collector's Edition includes three additional Race Wars events within the Challenge Series;


Type Name Start Location Length
NFSCRaceWarsIcon Garcia Street San Juan 5.7 mi 9.1 km
NFSCRaceWarsIcon Highway 142 Highway 142 20.8 mi 33.4 km
NFSCRaceWarsIcon Liberty Square Ocean View, Fortuna 14.6 mi 23.5 km
NFSCRaceWarsIcon Sutherden Bell Tower Mason District, Downtown Palmont 7.6 mi 12.3 km
NFSCRaceWarsIcon Steyne Aqueduct Morgan Beach, Kempton 9.4 mi 15.2 km
NFSCRaceWarsIcon Route 21 Ocean View, Fortuna 14.2 mi 22.9 km


  • Platinum Condos is a cut Race Wars route which would take place in Silverton after beating Darius.
  • The route UI texture for Garcia Street shows it as being longer than its released rendition.
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