There are 29 Sprint events in Need for Speed: Carbon that take place across various locations within the confines of Palmont City and San Juan as well as the surrounding Canyons.


Type Name Start Location Length
NFSCIconSprint Agostini Avenue Fortuna Heights, Fortuna 4.4 mi 7.1 km
NFSCIconSprint Blackwell Bridge Starlight Strip, Silverton 4.5 mi 7.2 km
NFSCIconSprint Chinatown Tram Historic Chinatown, Downtown Palmont 5 mi 8.0 km
NFSCIconSprint Copper Ridge South Canyon 2.6 mi 4.2 km
NFSCIconSprint Deadfall Junction Carbon Canyon 4.5 mi 7.2 km
NFSCIconSprint Desperation Ridge Carbon Canyon 4.6 mi 7.4 km
NFSCIconSprint Devil's Creek Bridge South Canyon 2.5 mi 4.1 km
NFSCIconSprint Dover and Lepus Morgan Beach, Kempton 3.4 mi 5.5 km
NFSCIconSprint Eagle Drive Infinity Park, Silverton 3.5 mi 5.7 km
NFSCIconSprint Eternity Pass Carbon Canyon 3.1 mi 5.0 km
NFSCIconSprint Francis Tunnel Newport Industrial Park, Kempton 5.6 mi 9.0 km
NFSCIconSprint Gold Valley Run West Canyon 3.4 mi 5.4 km
NFSCIconSprint Journeyman's Bane Carbon Canyon 3.3 mi 5.3 km
NFSCIconSprint Knife's Edge East Canyon 2.4 mi 3.9 km
NFSCIconSprint Lincoln Boulevard Mason District, Downtown Palmont 3 mi 4.9 km
NFSCIconSprint Lofty Height's Downhill West Canyon 3.3 mi 5.3 km
NFSCIconSprint Lookout Point East Canyon 2.6 mi 4.2 km
NFSCIconSprint Mason St Bridge South Fortuna, Fortuna 4.5 mi 7.3 km
NFSCIconSprint Mason Street Billings District, Downtown Palmont 7.3 mi 11.7 km
NFSCIconSprint Mesa Bridge San Juan 2.4 mi 3.9 km
NFSCIconSprint Mission Street Newport Industrial Park, Kempton 3.5 mi 5.6 km
NFSCIconSprint North Bellezza Hillsborough, Fortuna 3.7 mi 6.0 km
NFSCIconSprint Petersburg Dam Kempton Holdings, Kempton 3.7 mi 5.9 km
NFSCIconSprint Silverton Way Starlight Strip, Silverton 4.3 mi 6.9 km
NFSCIconSprint Spade Street Shady Pines, Silverton 3.3 mi 5.3 km
NFSCIconSprint Starlight Street Diamond Hills, Silverton 4.2 mi 6.8 km
NFSCIconSprint Verona Tunnel Ocean View, Fortuna 3.3 mi 5.3 km
NFSCIconSprint Waterfront Road The Projects, Kempton 2.7 mi 4.4 km
NFSCIconSprint York Road South Fortuna, Fortuna 3.8 mi 6.1 km
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