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The Story of Need for Speed: Heat follows the player as they arrive in Palm City to participate in the Speedhunters Showdown, an organised racing event held on the streets and surrounding countryside of the city.

Before they can participate in the Speedhunters Showdown, they meet Lucas Rivera, a mechanic and garage owner, as well as various characters surrounding the daytime event.

As the sun sets, they meet Ana Rivera; Lucas' sister, and are pulled into nighttime illicit street racing with her for a chance to enter the League, an underground scene.

Choosing how they spend their time, participating during the day in the Speedhunters Showdown or engaging at night with the League's street racing, the player will come into the Rivera family and their history.

With Lucas trying to earn an honest living during the day and Ana looking to make a name for herself at night on the city streets, their sibling cohesiveness is tested by the Palm City Police Department's increasing stance on street racing and Lt. Frank Mercer's own High-Speed Task Force injecting itself into the night scene.

Growing pressure in the nighttime street racing scene leads Ana and the player into the dealings of the ruthless, unhinged, and morally questionable members of the High-Speed Task Force.


The campaign follows the events of Ana Rivera, Lucas Rivera, and the player as they contend with Lt. Frank Mercer's High-Speed Task Force.


NFSHE MissionHeader Prologue.jpg
Main article: Need for Speed: Heat/Story/Prologue

Five nights prior to the player arriving in Palm City, there's an illicit street race between two rivals crews for a place in the League, an illicit underground street racing scene.

As the race heads into Downtown Palm City, the crews are caught off guard with Danny Shaw patrolling the streets, but Joe witnesses firsthand that Shaw is out big-game hunting.

  • Story Mission: Prologue

Chapter 1

NFSHE MissionHeader Introduction.jpg
Main article: Need for Speed: Heat/Story/Chapter 1

Having arrived in Palm City from out of town, Lucas Rivera introduces the player to his garage and the Speedhunters Showdown, but his sister - Ana Rivera - sees an opportunity to get back into the League... although the Shaw of the High-Speed Task Force wants his presence known.

  • Campaign Story Mission: Introduction
  • Campaign Story Mission: Make A Name
  • Campaign Story Mission: Get Noticed

Chapter 2

NFSHE MissionHeader GotYourBack.jpg
Main article: Need for Speed: Heat/Story/Chapter 2

With a friend of Lucas wanting to see what the player has got and Ana's car impounded, it's up to them to impress Wayne for Lucas and take on the Dreamkillers for a spot on the League.

The intentions of the High-Speed Task Force are becoming clearer and everything seems to be going well for the Riveras, until Ana's impatience gets the better of her and a familiar officer reappears at the worst moment.

  • Campaign Story Mission: Let It Slide
  • Campaign Story Mission: Take On Oscar
  • Campaign Story Mission: Take On Nari
  • Campaign Story Mission: Race Jordyn's Crew
  • Campaign Story Mission: Got Your Back

Chapter 3

NFSHE MissionHeader FollowTheLaw.jpg
Main article: Need for Speed: Heat/Story/Chapter 3

Lucas and Ana aren't on the best of terms, and it's going to take some serious bridge building to bring these siblings back together.

Ana's still without her car, and she's getting anonymous messages about how she can find it, but following their unlikely informant brings them into the shady dealings of the High-Speed Task Force. Luckily, some friends in the League have a plan to shed light upon on the High-Speed Task Force, all be it in their own unique way.

Unfortunately, the High-Speed Task Force is one-step ahead, and Ana has to witness the consequences to her actions by the hands of Lt. Frank Mercer.

  • Campaign Story Mission: Friend In Need
  • Campaign Story Mission: Proposition
  • Campaign Story Mission: Follow The Law
  • Campaign Story Mission: Party Crashers

Chapter 4

NFSH Characters FrankMercer.jpg
Main article: Need for Speed: Heat/Story/Chapter 4

On the run from the PCPD, and the Rivera family brought back together, the situation is quickly becoming "us or them" against Lt. Frank Mercer.

Lucas' past is all the family and the player have left, so they'll need a plan before they move against Mercer, but once they do, events start occurring very quickly, and there's a few surprises along the way.

  • Campaign Story Mission: Upload
  • Campaign Story Mission: Breaking The Law

Driving Stories


NFSHL Charaters Dex.jpg
Main article: Need for Speed: Heat/Story/Race

Dex puts up practice events for newcomers to the Speedhunters Showdown, and he's even got a few routes lined up for next year that could do with some experimenting.

  • Race Story Mission: Dexterity Check
  • Race Story Mission: Saving Throw
  • Race Story Mission: Roll For Damage
  • Race Story Mission: Testing
  • Race Story Mission: Experimental
  • Race Story Mission: Potential
  • Race Story Mission: A Journey Ahead
  • Race Story Mission: West Is Best
  • Race Story Mission: Far East
  • Race Story Mission: Due North
  • Race Story Mission: All Gone South


NFSHE MissionHeader LetItSlide.jpg
Main article: Need for Speed: Heat/Story/Drift

Wayne has never been the type of person to race, he's more interested in how participants at the Speedhunters Showdown control their cars.

  • Drift Story Mission: Sink Or Swim
  • Drift Story Mission: Dockside Drifter
  • Drift Story Mission: Twilight Technique
  • Drift Story Mission: Wayne's Last Wonder


NFSHL Charaters Roshni.jpg
Main article: Need for Speed: Heat/Story/Off-Road

Roshni isn't a fan of the Speedhunters Showdown, or the PCPD... or the government. She is a fan of the freedom that comes with driving off-road, even hosting fake Showdown events to entice competitors for their cash and keep her crew's skills sharp should they ever go on the run... again.

  • Off-Road Story Mission: On The Run
  • Off-Road Story Mission: Playing For Keeps
  • Off-Road Story Mission: Mountainside Maneuvers
  • Off-Road Story Mission: Pit Potential

Black Market

NFSHL Charaters Raziel.jpg

The Black Market is a series of contracts given by Raziel, an illusive member of the street racing scene, and the middleman for his clients.

Introduced as part of the March Update on March 3, 2020, players can gain access to new cars as part of contracts given by Raziel.

Available cars can either be free or paid-for as part of downloadable content packs.