Preview are special racer career Time Trial events and SCPD career Rapid Response events featured in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010), in which the player is given a specific car that is unlocked at a much higher bounty amount.

These events are limited to a single participant, and they are tasked with reaching the end of a point to point route within a set amount of time.


Event Location Tier Distance
NFSHP2010RacerEventIcon Ageless Big Timber Forest Exotic Series 7.8 mi  (12.55 km)
NFSHP2010SCPDEventIcon Do Look After It Grand Ocean Coast Traffic Police 5.2 mi  (8.37 km)
NFSHP2010RacerEventIcon Extreme Truth Fox Lair Pass Performance Series 7.6 mi  (12.23 km)
NFSHP2010SCPDEventIcon French Connection Rockhingam Point Highway Patrol 5.3 mi  (8.53 km)
NFSHP2010SCPDEventIcon Protect and Swerve Fox Lair Pass Highway Patrol 4.1 mi  (6.6 km)
NFSHP2010SCPDEventIcon Reventón Reveal Coral Bay Traffic Police 3.5 mi  (5.63 km)
NFSHP2010RacerEventIcon Sand Timer Mission Beach Super Series 11.4 mi  (18.35 km)
NFSHP2010SCPDEventIcon Swedish Swoop Eagle Crest Rapid Deployment 8.7 mi  (14 km)
NFSHP2010RacerEventIcon The Ultimate Road Car Eagle Crest Performance Series 8.7 mi  (14 km)
NFSHP2010RacerEventIcon Ultimately Open Oakmont Valley Super Series 4.8 mi  (7.72 km)
NFSHP2010RacerEventIcon Unlimited Driving Pleasure Oakmont Valley Sports Series 6.8 mi  (10.94 km)
NFSHP2010RacerEventIcon Vanishing Point East Gorge Canyon Sports Series 4.2 mi  (6.76 km)
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