Time Trial is a game mode featured in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010) that involves a timed sprint along a set point to point route. These events are limited to a single racer, and they are tasked with crossing the finish line within a set amount of time.

Racers are not given any equipment for usage during time trial events, but they can earn nitrous by performing dangerous driving maneuvers.

Finishing a time trial event will reward the player with a gold medal for completing below that time target, a silver medal for completing below that time target but beyond the gold medal target, and a bronze medal for completing the route below the final time target. Finishing a time trial below the final target time will not count as a completed event in the racer career.


Event Location Tier Distance
NFSHP2010RacerEventIcon.png Bull Run Big Timber Forest Exotic Series 9.4 mi  (15.13 km)
NFSHP2010RacerEventIcon.png Experience More Rockhingam Point Performance Series 4.0 mi  (6.44 km)
NFSHP2010RacerEventIcon.png Sidewinder Memorial Valley Performance Series 4.2 mi  (6.76 km)
NFSHP2010RacerEventIcon.png Slide Show Big Timber Forest Exotic Series 8.4 mi  (13.52 km)
NFSHP2010RacerEventIcon.png Timed Machine Eagle Crest Super Series 8.2 mi  (13.2 km)
NFSHP2010RacerEventIcon.png V12 for Victory Grand Ocean Coast Super Series 4.2 mi  (6.76 km)
NFSHP2010RacerEventIcon.png Wild Ride Carson Ridge Reservoir Hyper Series 8.7 mi  (14 km)
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