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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010) is a multiplatform arcade racing game. The Wii release of Hot Pursuit was developed by Exient Entertainment and is the fifth instalment of the Need for Speed series to be released on the Wii platform. The gameplay and graphics seen in other ports greatly differ from this rendition.


Similar to any other release of the game, players can choose to play as cop or racer in several events. The driving in the Wii release also involves drifting around corners. Power-ups can be used, too, although they are known as Supe-Ups.

Supe-Ups in action.

Unlike the other releases of the game, players can actually launch their car at the start of a race. Customisation is available, too. However, free-roam and visual car damage are not featured in this title.

Game Modes

  • Career Play - The core part of the game. In this mode players can unlock new cars and race with crew bosses in four cities around the world. Events have to be completed in a specific order.
  • Quick Play - Equivalent to Quick Race. Interceptor events can be played in this mode only.

Race Modes

  • Eliminator - After every 30 second, a racer will be disqualified from the race.
  • Hot Pursuit - Players have to complete the race without getting busted by chasing police vehicles.
  • Interceptor - This mode allows players to play as either cop or racer. While cops have to arrest anyone before one finishes the race, the racers have to finish the race without being arrested by the police.
  • Rush Hour - The same as Eliminator events, except after every 10 seconds, a racer will be eliminated. 100 cars take part in such events.
  • Time Trial - Players are challenged to complete a track within a set time limit.

Car Customisation

Players can get bodykits and new sets of tyres on cars. Car paints can be changed as well.

Car List


Hot Pursuit on the Wii is not set in Seacrest County. Instead players can race in four major cities of the world.

Real World

Chongqing, China


  • Shanghai Hustle
  • Shapinga Shreek
  • Yuzhen Payback
  • Sweeping Sichuan
  • Jialing Junction
  • Yangtze Runner


  • Jialing Torrent Tour
  • Yubei Offense Tour
  • Koppen CFA Tour

Dubai, UAE Tracks

  • Business Bay
  • Daba Turmoil
  • Marina Ambit
  • Palm Jumeirah


  • Khalifa Apex Tour
  • Arid Invasion Tour
  • Emirates Combine Tour

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil


  • Samba Hysteria
  • Favelas Express
  • Tijuca Headway
  • Copacabana Slamma
  • Guanabara Span


  • Humaita Deviation Tour
  • Samódromo Fire Tour
  • Bossa Nova Triumph Tour

Las Vegas, Nevada


  • Hoover's Twister
  • Arch Mischief
  • The Grand Canyon
  • Salt Flats Pass
  • Sin City Shaker


  • Mojave Enterprise Tour
  • Gold Line Flood Tour
  • Breakneck on Bonanza Tour

Grand Prix

Crew Bosses

  • Jun Jihuang (Chongqing) *
  • Askari Merikh (Dubai) *
  • Guerra Lobo (Rio De Janeiro) *
  • Creo Lues (Las Vegas)

* They are also chased down as racers to bust in Interceptor Mode with police cars.


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