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This is the soundtrack used for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2. It is the first game in the series to use EA Trax. There are no special menu themes like known from older titles. Some tracks also appear in instrumental versions that are used during pursuits, thus not allowing vocals to blend with police radio chatter.

Racing Music

Artist Song Length
Bush The People That We Love I 04:02
Course of Nature Wall of Shame I 04:02
Hot Action Cop Fever for the Flava I 04:52
Hot Action Cop Going Down On It I 04:52
Matt Ragan Bundle of Clang 03:04
Matt Ragan Cone of Silence 03:00
Matt Ragan Flam Dance 03:00
Pulse Ultra Build Your Cages I 03:55
Rom Di Prisco Cykloid 04:18
Rush One Little Victory I 05:09
The Buzzhorn Ordinary I 03:09
The Humble Brothers Black Hole 04:01
The Humble Brothers Brakestand 04:23
The Humble Brothers Sphere 04:06
Uncle Kracker Keep It Coming I 03:23

I Instrumental remix also available.

Special Themes

Artist Song Length
Hot Action Cop Going Down On It (Intro, Trailer and Ads Theme) 04:52
The Humble Brothers Brakestand (PlayStation 2 Reward video Theme) 04:23