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Autolog is an asynchronous multiplayer suite in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered used as a social-competitive network for players to connect, compare, and compete against each other.

Originally introduced in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010) as the result of internal competition during development at Criterion Games, Autolog allows players to compete against their friends across all available platforms through challenges and recommendations.

A series of challenges and competitive suggestions is generated from the player's platform friends list and any EA Friends added through the crossplay Social menu.


In Career, players can view the various districts and race locations across Seacrest County, as well as the available selection of Cop Career and Racer Career events for an area.


The Speedwall is shown for each career event as a list of friends, which is derived from the player's platform friends list and their EA Friends list, highlighting their best personal time for that event as well as the car they used and their amount of attempts.

Friends shown in the Speedwall list can be changed by a toggle above the menu:

  • All - Platform friends list and EA Friends list
  • Friends - Only platform friends list
  • EA Friends - Only EA Friends list


Recommends are the number of available career event challenges submitted to the player from friends or challenges Autolog has generated from the player's friends lists.

A recommendation given for a particular event in a district or race location is shown with a Need for Speed logo next to it, which once highlighted will list the challenge's friend alongside their Speedwall position and a time the player can attempt to beat.


A scrolling Feed of reports along the bottom of the screen shows how the player's Speedwall has changed based on the performance of their friends across all the events of a district or race location.

Autolog Recommendations

Autolog Recommendations can be accessed from the main menu of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered - to the right of the Career option - and is open from the beginning of the game.

Add Friends

Add Friends will open the player's Recent Players list for their platform and allow them to send platform friend requests.


Challenges are a series of competitive targets for career events either submitted to the player from friends or goals Autolog has generated from the player's friends lists.

Each challenge lists the Speedwall for its associated event as well as target, the event's name, the game mode type, and a reason for its recommendation.

Selecting a challenge will open the event associated with it.

Message Wall

The Message Wall, or Wall, is a social feed of messages and photos posted by the player's friends lists.

Messages posted to the player's wall include challenges directed at them, challenges directed at other players by members of their friends lists, and photos posted by members of the player's friends lists.