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Social in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered is an in-game means of managing a player's platform friends list and crossplay EA Friends list. It can be found under 'Social' within 'Online Multiplayer' or by pressing the button highlighting 'Social' in any menu listing it as an option.

It allows players to view their platform friends list, their crossplay EA Friends list, any pending crossplay friend invites, a list of recent players, and a list of blocked players.

Each list friend shows the number of times they've been pursued, times they've pursued the player, times they've been busted, and the number of busts that've earned.

All friends that appear in the player's friend lists and Autolog, as well as during online mutliplayer sessions, will have an additional icon next to their profile icon to indicate which platform they are currently playing on:

  • PC - Origin or Steam.
  • PlayStation - PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, or PlayStation 5 through backwards compatibility.
  • Switch - Nintendo Switch
  • Xbox - Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, or Xbox Series S/X through backwards compatibility



Friends is the player's friends list for their platform and is populated by friends that have played Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered on the same platform as them.

EA Friends

EA Friends is the player's crossplay friends list, which is populated by friends that are playing on other platforms and have accepted a friend request from the player.

Players can view their crossplay EA ID in the top-right corner of this menu, as well as the bottom-right corner alongside their Cop Rank and Wanted Level, and can send requests to other players by pressing the button indicated to 'Add EA Friend'.


Invites lists any friend requests the player has received through crossplay for their EA ID. Friend requests sent for the same platform as the player are handled by their platform's friends list and not the invites section.

Recent Players

Recent Players lists other players that the player has participated in an online multiplayer session with.

Blocked Players

Blocked Players lists other players that the player has blocked from crossplay interactions with them.