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For the top 15 racers in Nintendo DS release of Need for Speed: Most Wanted, see: Blacklist (Nintendo DS).
For the top 10 racers in Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012), see: Most Wanted List.

The Blacklist is a list of racers in Rockport that are of high priority for capture by the Rockport Police Department and is organised by the amount of bounty placed upon them. The player​​ has to defeat each driver on the list to become the Most Wanted.

There is a total of 15 racers with the main antagonist; "Razor", at the top of it.

Vehicle Profile Strength Bounty
NFSMW BMW M3GTR Hero.jpg RazorProfileIcon.png RazorSignature.png Clarence "Razor" Callahan
Everything 10,000,000
NFSMW MercedesBenz SLRMcLaren Bull.jpg BullProfileIcon.png BullSignature.png Toru "Bull" Sato
Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren
Sprint Races 7,550,000
NFSMW AstonMartin DB9 Ronnie.jpg RonnieProfileIcon.png RonnieSignature.png Ronald "Ronnie" McCrea
Aston Martin DB9
Immobilising Police Vehicles 5,550,000
NFSMW Dodge ViperSRT10 JV.jpg JVProfileIcon.png JVSignature.png Joe "JV" Vega
Dodge Viper SRT10
Speedtrap Races 4,050,000
NFSMW Chevrolet CorvetteC6 Webster.jpg WebsterProfileIcon.png WebsterSignature.png Wes "Webster" Allen
Chevrolet Corvette C6
Evading Pursuits 3,050,000
NFSMW Lamborghini Gallardo Ming.jpg MingProfileIcon.png MingSignature.png Hector "Ming" Domingo
Lamborghini Gallardo
Photo Tickets 2,300,000
NFSMW MercedesBenz CLK500 Kaze.jpg KazeProfileIcon.png KazSignature.png Kira "Kaze" Nakazato
Mercedes-Benz CLK 500
Cost to State 1,680,000
NFSMW Ford MustangGT Jewels.jpg JadeProfileIcon.png JewelsSignature.png Jade "Jewels" Barrett
Ford Mustang GT
Drag Races 1,180,000
NFSMW Mitsubishi LancerEvolutionVIII Earl.jpg EarlProfileIcon.png EarlSignature.png Eugene "Earl" James
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII
Sprint Races 790,000
NFSMW Porsche CaymanS Baron.jpg BaronProfileIcon.png BaronSignature.png Karl "Baron" Smit
Porsche Cayman S
Infractions 500,000
NFSMW Mitsubishi EclipseGT BigLou.jpg BigLouProfileIcon.png BigLouSignature.png Lou "Big Lou" Park
Mitsubishi Eclipse GT
Tollbooth Time Trials 300,000
NFSMW Mazda RX8 Izzy.jpg IzzyProfileIcon.png IzzySignature.png Isabel "Izzy" Diaz
Mazda RX-8
Lap Knockout Races 180,000
NFSMW Toyota Supra Vic.jpg VicProfileIcon.png VicSignature.png Victor "Vic" Vasquez
Toyota Supra
Pursuit Length 100,000
NFSMW Lexus IS300 Taz.jpg TazProfileIcon.png TazSignature.png Vince "Taz" Kilic
Lexus IS 300
Sprint Races 50,000
NFSMW Volkswagen GolfGTi Sonny.jpg SonnyProfileIcon.png SonnySignature.png Ho "Sonny" Seun
Volkswagen Golf GTI
Circuit Races 20,000