The Challenge Series in Need for Speed: Most Wanted contains Tollbooth Time Trials alongside various different pursuit milestone events such as Pursuit Length, Pursuit Evasion, Infractions, Cost to State, Bounty, Trade Paint, Roadblock, and Spike Strip.

The series is separate from quick race mode with new events unlocked sequentially, and the player is given a vehicle suited to each challenge to fit a particular experience or task.

New challenges are unlocked as the player completes previously unlocked challenges. Players also will be able to drive certain vehicles that aren't allowed in other gamemodes such as traffic and police vehicles.

Challenge Series Events

# Type Vehicle Route Goal Heat
#1 NFSMWTollboothIcon Volkswagen Golf GTI Skyview & Campus Beat 2:40 FlameHeatLevelIconx1
#2 NFSMWMilestonePursuitTime2Icon Volkswagen Golf GTI Downtown Rosewood Fire Station Evade after 1:00 FlameHeatLevelIconx1
#3 NFSMWTollboothIcon Mazda RX-8 Hwy 99 & Highlands Beat 2:45 FlameHeatLevelIconx1
#4 NFSMWMilestoneBountyIcon Mazda RX-8 Highway 99 West Earn 1,000 Bounty FlameHeatLevelIconx1
#5 NFSMWTollboothIcon Pontiac GTO Hwy 4 & Forest Green Beat 3:30 FlameHeatLevelIconx1
#6 NFSMWMilestonePursuitTime1Icon Pontiac GTO Rockridge Road, Downtown Rosewood Evade before 5:00 FlameHeatLevelIconx1
#7 NFSMWTollboothIcon Porsche 911 Carrera S Hwy 99 & Route 55 Beat 3:00 FlameHeatLevelIconx1
#8 NFSMWMilestoneCosttoStateIcon Porsche 911 Carrera S Stadium Boulevard, Heritage Heights Earn $25,000 FlameHeatLevelIconx1
#9 NFSMWTollboothIcon Chevrolet Corvette C6 North Bay & Chase Beat 2:50 FlameHeatLevelIconx2
#10 NFSMWMilestoneRoadblockIcon Chevrolet Corvette C6 Clubhouse Road, Rosewood College Campus Dodge 2 Roadblocks FlameHeatLevelIconx2
#11 NFSMWTollboothIcon Mitsubishi Eclipse GT Route 55 & North Bay Beat 3:30 FlameHeatLevelIconx2
#12 NFSMWMilestoneTradepaintIcon Mitsubishi Eclipse GT Bristol Road, North Gray Paint Ram 5 RPD vehicles FlameHeatLevelIconx2
#13 NFSMWTollboothIcon Toyota Supra Chase & Waterfront Beat 3:45 FlameHeatLevelIconx2
#14 NFSMWMilestoneInfractionsIcon Toyota Supra Ocean Hills Drive, Point Camden Earn 4 Infractions FlameHeatLevelIconx2
#15 NFSMWTollboothIcon Subaru Impreza WRX STi Waterfront & Bristol Beat 4:00 FlameHeatLevelIconx2
#16 NFSMWMilestoneSpikestripIcon Subaru Impreza WRX STi Bayshore Boulevard, Cascade Industrial Park Dodge 2 Spikestrips FlameHeatLevelIconx4
#17 NFSMWTollboothIcon Cadillac CTS Hwy 99 & Union Beat 3:20 FlameHeatLevelIconx2
#18 NFSMWMilestonePursuitTime1Icon Cadillac CTS Route 55 North, Camden Beach Evade before 4:00 FlameHeatLevelIconx2
#19 NFSMWTollboothIcon Lamborghini Gallardo Bristol & Route 55 Beat 4:05 FlameHeatLevelIconx3
#20 NFSMWMilestonePursuitTime2Icon Lamborghini Gallardo Bayshore Boulevard, Cascade Industrial Park Evade after 7:00 FlameHeatLevelIconx3
#21 NFSMWTollboothIcon Dodge Viper SRT-10 Skyview & Waterfront Beat 4:00 FlameHeatLevelIconx3
#22 NFSMWMilestoneRoadblockIcon Dodge Viper SRT-10 Camden Interchange, Downtown Rosewood Dodge 6 Roadblocks FlameHeatLevelIconx3
#23 NFSMWTollboothIcon Lexus IS 300 Union & Hwy 99 Beat 3:15 FlameHeatLevelIconx3
#24 NFSMWMilestoneInfractionsIcon Lexus IS 300 Camden Interchange, Downtown Rosewood Earn 5 Infractions FlameHeatLevelIconx3
#25 NFSMWTollboothIcon Renault Clio V6 Waterfront & Hwy 99 Beat 4:00 FlameHeatLevelIconx3
#26 NFSMWMilestoneTradepaintIcon Renault Clio V6 Chase Road, South Gray Point Drive Ram 8 RPD vehicles FlameHeatLevelIconx3
#27 NFSMWTollboothIcon Chevrolet Cobalt SS Hwy 201 & Hwy 99 Beat 3:30 FlameHeatLevelIconx3
#28 NFSMWMilestoneCosttoStateIcon Chevrolet Cobalt SS Forest Green Country Club Earn $50,000 FlameHeatLevelIconx3
#29 NFSMWTollboothIcon Porsche 911 Turbo S Beach & Skyview Beat 3:00 FlameHeatLevelIconx3
#30 NFSMWMilestoneBountyIcon Porsche 911 Turbo S Route 55 North, Camden Earn 50,000 Bounty FlameHeatLevelIconx3
#31 NFSMWTollboothIcon Aston Martin DB9 Route 55 & Projects Beat 3:45 FlameHeatLevelIconx4
#32 NFSMWMilestonePursuitTime1Icon Aston Martin DB9 Lennox Road, Downtown Rockport Evade before 3:00 FlameHeatLevelIconx4
#33 NFSMWTollboothIcon Mazda RX-7 Hwy 201 & Forest Beat 3:30 FlameHeatLevelIconx4
#34 NFSMWMilestoneRoadblockIcon Mazda RX-7 Highway 201 East Dodge 8 Roadblocks FlameHeatLevelIconx3
#35 NFSMWTollboothIcon Lamborghini Murciélago Penitentiary Beat 3:35 FlameHeatLevelIconx4
#36 NFSMWMilestoneTradepaintIcon Lamborghini Murciélago Petersburg Interchange Ram 12 RPD vehicles FlameHeatLevelIconx4
#37 NFSMWTollboothIcon Porsche Carrera GT Interchange & Tunnel Beat 3:35 FlameHeatLevelIconx4
#38 NFSMWMilestoneInfractionsIcon Porsche Carrera GT Downtown Rosewood Bus Station Earn 6 Infractions FlameHeatLevelIconx4
#39 NFSMWTollboothIcon Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Skyview & Coast Beat 2:40 FlameHeatLevelIconx4
#40 NFSMWMilestonePursuitTime2Icon Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren State Street, Downtown Rosewood Evade after 10:00 FlameHeatLevelIconx4
#41 NFSMWTollboothIcon Pizza Delivery Car Stadium & Beacon Beat 4:33 FlameHeatLevelIconx1
#42 NFSMWMilestoneRoadblockIcon Pickup Truck Chancellor Way, Rosewood College Campus Dodge 6 Roadblocks FlameHeatLevelIconx3
#43 NFSMWTollboothIcon Minivan Bay Bridge & Forest Beat 4:30 FlameHeatLevelIconx1
#44 NFSMWMilestoneSpikestripIcon RPD Civic Cruiser Beacon Bridge, Masterson Harbour Dodge 6 Spikestrips FlameHeatLevelIconx4
#45 NFSMWTollboothIcon RPD State Cruiser Beacon & Riverfront Beat 3:35 FlameHeatLevelIconx1
#46 NFSMWMilestoneCosttoStateIcon Garbage Truck Dunwich Village, Gray Point Earn $100,000 FlameHeatLevelIconx3
#47 NFSMWTollboothIcon Taxi Industrial & Omega Beat 4:30 FlameHeatLevelIconx1
#48 NFSMWMilestonePursuitTime1Icon RPD Supercharged Rhino Clubhouse Road, Forest Green Country Club Evade before 4:00 FlameHeatLevelIconx3
#49 NFSMWTollboothIcon RPD Federal Cruiser North Bay & Beacon Beat 3:45 FlameHeatLevelIconx1
#50 NFSMWMilestoneBountyIcon Cement Truck Highway 201 West Earn 100,000 Bounty FlameHeatLevelIconx3
#51 NFSMWTollboothIcon Lotus Elise Petersburg Projects Beat 4:10 FlameHeatLevelIconx5
#52 NFSMWMilestonePursuitTime1Icon Lotus Elise Lennox Road, Downtown Rockport Evade before 4:00 FlameHeatLevelIconx5
#53 NFSMWTollboothIcon Mercedes-Benz SL 500 Petersburg & Project Beat 4:10 FlameHeatLevelIconx5
#54 NFSMWMilestoneCosttoStateIcon Mercedes-Benz SL 500 Petersburg Interchange Earn $150,000 FlameHeatLevelIconx5
#55 NFSMWTollboothIcon Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII Wharf & North Bay Beat 3:45 FlameHeatLevelIconx5
#56 NFSMWMilestoneBountyIcon Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII Hillcrest, Heritage Heights Earn 1,000,000 Bounty FlameHeatLevelIconx5
#57 NFSMWTollboothIcon Chevrolet Corvette C6.R Beacon & Petersburg Beat 4:35 FlameHeatLevelIconx5
#58 NFSMWMilestoneRoadblockIcon Chevrolet Corvette C6.R Seaside Highway, Point Camden Dodge 10 Roadblocks FlameHeatLevelIconx3
#59 NFSMWTollboothIcon Porsche Cayman S Petersburg & Bond Beat 5:05 FlameHeatLevelIconx5
#60 NFSMWMilestonePursuitTime2Icon Porsche Cayman S Bond Boulevard, Downtown Rockport Evade after 15 FlameHeatLevelIconx5
#61 NFSMWTollboothIcon Vauxhall Monaro VXR Bond & Beacon Beat 5:00 FlameHeatLevelIconx5
#62 NFSMWMilestoneSpikestripIcon Vauxhall Monaro VXR Highway 99 East Dodge 10 Spikestrips FlameHeatLevelIconx5
#63 NFSMWTollboothIcon Mercedes-Benz CLK 500 Route 55 & Chase Beat 7:00 FlameHeatLevelIconx5
#64 NFSMWMilestoneTradepaintIcon Mercedes-Benz CLK 500 Southern Terminus, Downtown Rockport Ram 20 RPD vehicles FlameHeatLevelIconx5
#65 NFSMWTollboothIcon Fiat Grande Punto Marina & Lennox Beat 4:50 FlameHeatLevelIconx5
#66 NFSMWMilestoneCosttoStateIcon Fiat Grande Punto Hollis Boulevard, Highlander Stadium Earn $200,000 FlameHeatLevelIconx5
#67 NFSMWTollboothIcon Lamborghini Gallardo Petersburg & Camden Beat 8:50 FlameHeatLevelIconx5
#68 NFSMWMilestonePursuitTime2Icon Lamborghini Gallardo State Street, Downtown Rosewood Evade after 30:00 FlameHeatLevelIconx5

Burger King Challenge

Challenge #69 is an additional hidden challenge called the "Burger King Challenge." This challenge can only be unlocked by inputting the cheat code "burgerking" at the title screen. It features the player driving a racing BMW M3 GTR GT against three other AI drivers.

# Type Vehicle Route Goal Heat
#69 NFSMWTollboothIcon BMW M3 GTR Burger King Challenge Finish 1st FlameHeatLevelIconx1

Black Edition Challenge

Challenge #70 is only available in the Black Edition release of Need for Speed: Most Wanted. It puts the player in an orange Chevrolet Camaro SS against supercharged Rhino SUV units at Heat Level 7.

# Type Vehicle Route Goal Heat
#70 NFSMWMilestoneBountyIcon Chevrolet Camaro SS Skyview Interchange, Highway 99 West Earn 500,000 Bounty FlameHeatLevelIconx7


  • Completion of Challenge #68 unlocks the Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG.
  • Completion of the entire Challenge Series unlocks the Porsche 911 GT2.
  • Completion of the Burger King Challenge unlocks Junkman parts for usage in the My Cars menu.
  • The Burger King Challenge is a sprint race, but has a tollbooth event icon in the Challenge Series menu.
  • Event #68 is the only event outside of the career that allows the player to reach Heat Level 6. It is also the only time where a Heat Level 6 pursuit can be evaded.
  • The Lamborghini Gallardo is the only vehicle featured in two sets of challenge events.
  • No Ford or Audi vehicles are featured in the Series.
  • Challenge #41 through to Challenge #50 are the only events to feature drivable traffic and police vehicles.
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