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Multipoint is an unreleased game mode that was conceptualised and had gameplay implemented during the development of Need for Speed: Most Wanted.
The world is populated with a number of cash drops - each drop will have one of three values. Grab more cash than your opponents and you get to keep it after the race.
— Game files: English.bin; Label: "helpscreen_text_cash_drop"[1]

Players must find and collect a series of pickup items before the timer runs out within an enclosed area. There were three different types of pickups; small, medium, and large. In the PlayStation 2 demo, there were red, pink, and grey pickups that would have given the player $100, $500, and $1000 respectively. The player with the highest number of pickups or cash once the timer ran out was the winner.

If a stalemate occurs, the timer is replaced with "Sudden Death", meaning that the player with the most pickups or cash upon entering Sudden Death will win the event.


  • In the PlayStation 2 demo, it is possible to play an early prototype stage of the game mode.
  • The track layouts consisted of Circuit or Sprint races, according to leftover textures found in the final release. In the PlayStation 2 demo, the player would have been able to drive within a small enclosed area of Rockport's map.
  • Cash Grab and Checkpoint Race are scrapped game modes both based on Multipoint.
  • Sudden Death is broken in the PlayStation 2 demo, as the player will instantly win the event as soon as it enters into Sudden Death.



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