Performance Parts featured in Need for Speed: Most Wanted are utilised to improve the top speed, acceleration and handling of a car. The Engine, Transmission, Suspension, Nitrous, Tyres, Brakes and Turbo Charger or Supercharger of a car can be upgraded.

Each performance part category is also divided into upgrade packages. Each package offers greater performance gains for a car but some vehicles can not be equipped with certain lower level packages. The upgraded levels are Race, Pro, Super Pro and Ultimate.

Junkman parts permanently raise a performance aspect and can be stacked with any upgrade package. They can be unlocked by selecting the "Unique Performance Upgrade" marker upon defeating a Blacklist racer. They can be unlocked for usage in My Cars by completing the Burger King Challenge event in the Challenge Series.

Players can make individual adjustments to various aspects of their car's performance by accessing the Performance Tuning window from the pause menu during freeroam gameplay.


Package Price Unlock
NFSMWEngineIcon Race 5,500 Available from the beginning
Pro 14,200 Defeat Blacklist #12
Super Pro 29,800 Defeat Blacklist #7
Ultimate 98,800 Defeat Blacklist #3
NFSMWTransmissionIcon Race 4,800 Available from the beginning
Pro 12,200 Defeat Blacklist #13
Super Pro 32,800 Defeat Blacklist #9
Ultimate 75,200 Defeat Blacklist #5
NFSMWSuspensionIcon Pro 3,600 Defeat Blacklist #15
Super Pro 7,600 Defeat Blacklist #11
Ultimate 10,000 Defeat Blacklist #6
NFSMWNitrousIcon Pro 4,900 Defeat Blacklist #15
Super Pro 12,500 Defeat Blacklist #11
Ultimate 18,000 Defeat Blacklist #6
NFSMWTyresIcon Pro 1,400 Defeat Blacklist #14
Super Pro 4,800 Defeat Blacklist #10
Ultimate 11,800 Defeat Blacklist #8
NFSMWBrakesIcon Race 3,100 Available from the beginning
Pro 5,200 Defeat Blacklist #13
Super Pro 11,400 Defeat Blacklist #8
Ultimate 26,800 Defeat Blacklist #5
NFSMWTurboIcon Pro 5,400 Defeat Blacklist #14
Super Pro 25,000 Defeat Blacklist #10
Ultimate 76,000 Defeat Blacklist #3
NFSMWSuperchargerIcon Pro 5,400 Defeat Blacklist #14
Super Pro 25,000 Defeat Blacklist #10
Ultimate 76,000 Defeat Blacklist #3


Aspect Package Parts
NFSMWEngineIcon Race Cold Air Intake Sports Muffler Intake Manifold
Pro Forged Pistons Racing Throttle Body Racing Crankshaft
Super Pro Racing Valves Cat-back Exhaust System Replace Headers
Ultimate Racing Pistons High Flow Fuel Injectors High Capacity Oil Cooler
NFSMWTransmissionIcon Race Short Throw Shifter Lightweight Flywheel Racing Transmission
Pro Upgraded Differential High Performance Clutch
Super Pro Limited Slip Differential Twin Disc Clutch
Ultimate Racing Clutch Racing Flywheel
NFSMWSuspensionIcon Pro Strut Tower Bars Sport Springs and Shocks Front and Rear Sway Bars
Super Pro Large Diameter Sway Bars Racing Shocks
Ultimate Engine Torque Damper Camber Kit Coil-over Suspension System
NFSMWNitrousIcon Pro Dry Shot of Nitrous
Super Pro Wet Shot of Nitrous
Ultimate Direct Port Nitrous System
NFSMWTyresIcon Pro Sport Tyres
Super Pro High Performance Tyres
Ultimate Racing Tyres
NFSMWBrakesIcon Race Street Compound Pads Stainless Steel Brake Lines
Pro Cross Drilled Rotors Sport Compound Pads
Super Pro Slotted and Drilled Rotors Titanium Brake Kit
Ultimate 6 Piston Racing Calipers Ceramic Brake Kit Racing Compound Pads
Turbo Charger
NFSMWTurboIcon Pro Stage 1 Turbo Racing Intercooler
Super Pro Stage 2 Turbo Upgraded Turbo Manifold Blow Off Valve
Ultimate Stage 3 Turbo Custom Wastegate
NFSMWSuperchargerIcon Pro Stage 1 Supercharger
Super Pro Stage 2 Supercharger
Ultimate Stage 3 Supercharger


Development - Main article: Need for Speed: Most Wanted/Development.
  • In the game files of Need for Speed: Most Wanted, two unused performance packages - Street and Super Street - can be found.
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