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NFSMWSpeedTrapIcon 4 Player Point to Point

Speedtrap is a player versus player game mode along an enclosed course featured in Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

Participants pass through a series of checkpoints along a course that record their speed at that point. The racer with the highest total speed recorded combined across all points by the end of the event is the winner.

The available selection of speedtrap courses depends on the player's current rank on the Blacklist. A higher rank will unlock more speedtrap courses.

The starting grid of all sprint races consists of three rival racers and the player. All participants have a chance to earn a 'Perfect Start' during the race countdown by hitting the optimal rev range before the countdown is completed.

The awarded amount of Bounty and cash is dependent on the player's rank on the Blacklist, their finishing position and if the Rockport Police Department was involved at any point during the event.


Type Name Start Location Length
NFSMWSpeedTrapIcon Boardwalk Downtown, Rosewood 5.1 mi 8.2 km
NFSMWSpeedTrapIcon Bond & Riverside Downtown, Downtown Rockport 4.5 mi 7.3 km
NFSMWSpeedTrapIcon Country Club (Speedtrap) Forest Green Country Club, Rosewood 6.5 mi 10.5 km
NFSMWSpeedTrapIcon Diamond & State Downtown, Rosewood 3.4 mi 5.4 km
NFSMWSpeedTrapIcon Dunwich & Bayshore Gray Point, Camden 3.8 mi 6.1 km
NFSMWSpeedTrapIcon Dunwich & Hills Point Camden, Camden 4.3 mi 7 km
NFSMWSpeedTrapIcon Fairmont & Clubhouse Rockport Valley Airport, Downtown Rockport 5.6 mi 9 km
NFSMWSpeedTrapIcon Fisher & Interchange Cascade Industrial Park, Camden 5.1 mi 8.2 km
NFSMWSpeedTrapIcon Forest & Ironwood Forest Green Country Club, Rosewood 3.9 mi 6.3 km
NFSMWSpeedTrapIcon Green & Fairmont Forest Green Country Club, Rosewood 5.4 mi 8.7 km
NFSMWSpeedTrapIcon Heritage & Warrent Petersburg, Rosewood 8.9 mi 14.3 km
NFSMWSpeedTrapIcon Hollis & Chancellor Petersburg, Rosewood 6.3 mi 10.1 km
NFSMWSpeedTrapIcon Hwy 4 & Clubhouse Petersburg, Rosewood 3.6 mi 5.8 km
NFSMWSpeedTrapIcon Hwy 99 Riverfront, Downtown Rockport 5 mi 8.1 km
NFSMWSpeedTrapIcon Hwy 99 & Campus Petersburg, Rosewood 3.9 mi 6.2 km
NFSMWSpeedTrapIcon Industrial & Green Point Camden, Camden 6.8 mi 11 km
NFSMWSpeedTrapIcon Ironhorse & Bristol Downtown, Rosewood 7.4 mi 11.9 km
NFSMWSpeedTrapIcon Lennox & Camden Downtown, Downtown Rockport 5.7 mi 9.2 km
NFSMWSpeedTrapIcon Masterson & Route 55 Point Camden, Camden 7 mi 11.2 km
NFSMWSpeedTrapIcon North Bay & College Gray Point, Camden 6.2 mi 9.9 km
NFSMWSpeedTrapIcon North Bay & Seaside Gray Point, Camden 2.7 mi 4.3 km
NFSMWSpeedTrapIcon North Bay Cannery Gray Point, Camden 2.7 mi 4.3 km
NFSMWSpeedTrapIcon Petersburg & Hwy 201 Petersburg, Rosewood 5 mi 8.1 km
NFSMWSpeedTrapIcon Rose & Rockridge Downtown, Rosewood 6 mi 9.7 km
NFSMWSpeedTrapIcon Rosewood & Hwy 99 Rosewood College Campus, Rosewood 3.9 mi 6.2 km
NFSMWSpeedTrapIcon Seagate & Horn Forest Green Country Club, Rosewood 4.9 mi 7.9 km
NFSMWSpeedTrapIcon Seaside & Fisher Point Camden, Camden 2.7 mi 4.3 km
NFSMWSpeedTrapIcon State & Petersburg Petersburg, Rosewood 8.8 mi 14.2 km
NFSMWSpeedTrapIcon Terminal & Financial Cascade Industrial Park, Camden 8 mi 12.9 km
NFSMWSpeedTrapIcon Union Row & Seaside Heritage Heights, Rosewood 4.8 mi 7.7 km
NFSMWSpeedTrapIcon Warrent Fairmont Bowl, Downtown Rockport 6 mi 9.7 km
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