Drift Attack is a game mode featured in Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012). It was introduced in the second multiplayer update for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 releases. A single instance of a Drift Attack event is made available for most vehicles upon purchase of the Terminal Velocity Pack.

The player has to beat a set Speed Points (NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon) score within a Point-to-point course. They can accumulate a score by drifting at any point along the course. The player can multiply their score by drifting through the blue gate checkpoints highlighted as Drift Zones.


Name Location Drift Zones Length
NFSMW2012TerminalVelocityPackIcon Air Brake Lorenzo Avenue, Airport 7 ? mi  (? km)
NFSMW2012TerminalVelocityPackIcon Drift City Gunderson Avenue North, The Beltway 5 ? mi  (? km)
NFSMW2012TerminalVelocityPackIcon Easy Drifter Peterson Street, Fairhaven 5 ? mi  (? km)
NFSMW2012TerminalVelocityPackIcon Power Slide Connors Bridge Road, Fairhaven 5 ? mi  (? km)
NFSMW2012TerminalVelocityPackIcon Sidewinder Cameron Drive, Fairhaven 7 ? mi  (? km)


  • All Drift Attack events take place in middle of the night with no traffic.
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