Exclusive Races are various singleplayer race events available only on the PlayStation Vita release of Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012). They can be played with any vehicle and are only rewarded with additional Speed Points (NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon) for completing each event as well as unlocking additional events.

They are a series of short Circuit and Sprint that span for no more than 2 miles (3.2 km). They can all be completed in under a minute with some having unusual routes.


Name Type Location Length 1st Place
16 Blocks Sprint Beltway South, Downtown 1.0 mi  (1.6 km) +12,000NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Crane Style Sprint Brigman Drive, Ripley's Point 1.2 mi  (1.9 km) +12,000NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Danger Zone Sprint I-92 East, Interstate 92 1.7 mi  (2.7 km) +12,000NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Judgement Day Sprint Beddoe Drive, Callahan Industrial 0.6 mi  (0.9 km) +12,000NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Parkour Circuit Johnson Road, Hughes Park ? mi  (? km) +12,000NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Ramp It Up Circuit South Station Rooftop, McClane ? mi  (? km) +12,000NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
Stone Cold Sprint Somerset Road, Callahan Industrial 0.9 mi  (1.4 km) +12,000NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
The Descent Sprint Peterson Street, Fairhaven 1.2 mi  (1.9 km) +12,000NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
The Warriors Sprint Clark Street, Hughes Park 0.6 mi  (0.9 km) +12,000NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
To The City Sprint Vincennes Road, Fairhaven 1.6 mi  (2.5 km) +12,000NFSMW2012SpeedPointsIcon
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