Licence Plates in Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012) can be modified with a custom 8-digit inscription that will appear on the plate of the player's vehicle and on their profile's licence plate.

The player's SpeedLevel is shown in the bottom-left corner and the number of cars they have unlocked all available modifications for is shown in the bottom-right corner. A player that is under the influence of a SpeedPoints multiplier will have the effect highlighted in the top-right corner of the plate.

A player's licence plate will also display all the downloadable content packs that they own along the left side of the plate.

Alternative licence plate designs can be unlocked through completing Multiplayer Milestones and by reaching a higher SpeedLevel. These alternative designs will only appear on the player's profile and will also be shown to rivals that have been taken down by the player.

A player that enter "Concours" will receive a gold frame around their licence plate instead of the standard metal frame.


Standard Licence Plates are available to all players.

Downloadable Content Packs

Ultimate Speed Pack

 Ultimate Speed Pack exclusive Licence Plates.

Terminal Velocity Pack

 Terminal Velocity Pack exclusive Licence Plates.

Need for Speed Heroes Pack

 Need for Speed Heroes Pack exclusive Licence Plates.

Movie Legends Pack

 Movie Legends Pack exclusive Licence Plates.
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