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Performance Parts are customisation items that appear in Need for Speed: No Limits. They can be used to increase a vehicle's performance rating (PR) and are accessible through the Garage menu.

Part Types

Performance parts are available as one of six part types and improve different performance aspects of a vehicle:

  • Top Speed - Engine, Turbo
  • Acceleration - Gearbox, Wheels
  • Nitro - ECU, Nitro

The effectiveness of a part is determined by its rarity rating, with rarer parts giving higher performance increases than parts that are less so. The rarity classes are:

  • Common (grey)
  • Uncommon (green)
  • Rare (blue)
  • Epic (violet)
  • Legendary (gold)

Each performance part is categorised in a car class - players are unable to install performance parts for a different class.


All performance parts are made up of different recipes of materials. Installing a material item will instantly increase a vehicle's PR. After completing a part type's recipe, players are able to rebuild it to further improve their PR. Rebuilds can be repeated for a limited number of times that are indicated by the number of stars, although the star rating of a part must not exceed that of the player's car. Exhausting all rebuild options requires the player to install a part with a better rarity rating.

Materials are rewarded to players for completing race events and can be randomly found in crates from the Loading Docks store. Players are also able to highlight any missing material's event.


Icon Material Part Stage
NFSNLThermosensor SmallIcon Thermosensor ECU 01Common
NFSNLHarness SmallIcon Harness ECU 02Uncommon
NFSNLAirflowMeter SmallIcon Airflow Meter ECU 03Rare
NFSNLThrottleSensor SmallIcon Throttle Sensor ECU 04Epic
NFSNLCPU SmallIcon CPU ECU 05Legendary
NFSNLFlywheel SmallIcon Flywheel Engine 01Common
NFSNLIntake SmallIcon Intake Engine 02Uncommon
NFSNLBlock SmallIcon Block Engine 03Rare
NFSNLPistons SmallIcon Pistons Engine 04Epic
NFSNLCrankshaft SmallIcon Crankshaft Engine 05Legendary
NFSNLInputShaft SmallIcon Input Shaft Gearbox 01Common
NFSNLClutchPlate SmallIcon Clutch Plate Gearbox 02Uncommon
NFSNLPressurePlate SmallIcon Pressure Plate Gearbox 03Rare
NFSNLDriveShaft SmallIcon Drive Shaft Gearbox 04Epic
NFSNLGearSet SmallIcon Gear Set Gearbox 05Legendary
NFSNLValve SmallIcon Valve Nitro 01Common
NFSNLTank SmallIcon Tank Nitro 02Uncommon
NFSNLRegulator SmallIcon Regulator Nitro 03Rare
NFSNLSolenoid SmallIcon Solenoid Nitro 04Epic
NFSNLInjector SmallIcon Injector Nitro 05Legendary
NFSNLThrustSleeve SmallIcon Thrust Sleeve Turbo 01Common
NFSNLBackplate SmallIcon Backplate Turbo 02Uncommon
NFSNLDumpPipe SmallIcon Dump Pipe Turbo 03Rare
NFSNLBlowOffValve SmallIcon Blow Off Valve Turbo 04Epic
NFSNLTurbine SmallIcon Turbine Turbo 05Legendary
NFSNLTread SmallIcon Tread Wheels 01Common
NFSNLBrakeDisc SmallIcon Brake Disc Wheels 02Uncommon
NFSNLBeadWire SmallIcon Bead Wire Wheels 03Rare
NFSNLCaliper SmallIcon Caliper Wheels 04Epic
NFSNLSteelBelts SmallIcon Steel Belts Wheels 05Legendary
NFSNLClamp SmallIcon Clamp Various 01Common
NFSNLFastener SmallIcon Fastener Various 01Common
NFSNLFuse SmallIcon Fuse Various 01Common
NFSNLMounts SmallIcon Mounts Various 01Common
NFSNLSpring SmallIcon Spring Various 01Common
NFSNLGasket SmallIcon Gasket Various 02Uncommon
NFSNLRelay SmallIcon Relay Various 02Uncommon
NFSNLBearing SmallIcon Bearing Various 03Rare
NFSNLHose SmallIcon Hose Various 03Rare
NFSNLBattery SmallIcon Battery Various 04Epic

Conversion Kits

Conversion Kits can be used to upgrade a part type's rarity. They are available for all part types and rarities with the exception of Legendary. Players are rewarded with Conversion Kits of any rarity for completing Tuner Trial events, although each day is featured with a certain reward:

  • Monday - Engine
  • Tuesday - Turbo
  • Wednesday - Gearbox
  • Thursday - Wheels
  • Friday - ECU
  • Saturday - Nitro

Car Stages

A higher car stage is required for players to install performance parts with higher rarity ratings. Car stages are unlocked after collecting a certain number of blueprints.

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