Bait Crate #21 is a bait crate location in Need for Speed: Payback.

As a locale for a bait crate, it is a possible site for a bait crate to be found but may not have been placed for collection.

Bait Crate


Bait Crate #21 can be found in front of the Angelina Restaurant in southwest Mount Providence.


If a bait crate can be discovered at a location, the player will be notified by driving nearby. They will need to drive close to it, in order to collect it upon being prompted.

Collecting a bait crate will initiate a pursuit with the Fortune Valley Police Department, and the player has to either reach a designated escape point or outrun all pursuing police units to escape.


Reaching the escape point or outrunning all pursuing police units will reward the player with a single Speed Card from a selection of three. Any Speed Cards earned from a bait crate can only be applied to the vehicle used during the bait crate pursuit.

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