NFSPB PreOrder Shipments
Shipments appear in Need for Speed: Payback as item containers that can be earned through gameplay or purchased with a premium currency.

The available selection of rewards from shipments is the same between those bought and those earned through gameplay.

Shipments can be earned through various different means including reaching a new reputation level or completing daily challenges. Premium Shipments can be purchased with Speed Points.


Opening a shipment will reward the player with a selection of Speed Cards with items that can be equipped to their cars;

  • Air Suspension
  • Bank
  • Cylinder Head
  • ECU
  • Engine Block
  • Exhaust
  • Nitrous Flames
  • Transmission
  • Turbo
  • Tyre Smoke
  • Underglow Neon


There are two available qualities of shipments available; Base Shipment and Premium Shipment.

Base Shipment

NFSPB Shipments Base Icon
A Base Shipment can be earned through progressing to a new Rep Level or through purchase using Speed Points.


  • 1 Vanity Item
  • 1 Part Token
  • 1 Bank Token


  • 1 Base Shipment - NFSPB SpeedPointsSmall Icon100
  • 5 Base Shipments - NFSPB SpeedPointsSmall Icon450
  • 10 Base Shipments - NFSPB SpeedPointsSmall Icon800

Premium Shipment

NFSPB Shipments Premium Icon
A Premium Shipment can only be purchased with Speed Points through the Shipments section of the pause menu.


  • 1 Vanity Item
  • 1 Part Token
  • 1 Bank Token
  • 2 Wild Cards


  • 1 Premium Shipment - NFSPB SpeedPointsSmall Icon150
  • 5 Premium Shipments - NFSPB SpeedPointsSmall Icon675
  • 10 Premium Shipments - NFSPB SpeedPointsSmall Icon1,200
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