Speedlists are competitive multiplayer tournaments in Need for Speed: Payback and pits up to 8 players against each other through a series of events.

Each Speedlist has a set number of events that players participate in with the finishing position of each player adding points towards a group tournament standing. The player with the most points after the final event in a Speedlist is the winner.


Entering a Speedlist requires a player to select three of their own vehicles as their Loadout for that Speedlist's series of events. A Loadout must include a race, an off-road and drift class vehicle that the player has created themself.

Upon selecting both vehicles for a Loadout, players will enter matchmaking and be placed against others with a similar Performance Level as their selected vehicles.


There are two available options for matchmaking;

  • Casual - Player vs. player with similar Performance Level vehicles.
  • Ranked - Player vs. Player with similar Performance Level vehicles and Multiplayer Rank.

Casual and Ranked Speedlists both offer rewards, but Ranked events can change a player's Multiplayer Rank.


Each player can vote on one of two options for the next event in their current Speedlist, but all players have a set number of votes they can cast for the duration of a Speedlist.

Lower scoring players will have more available votes to place than higher scoring players.

Multiplayer Ranks

NFSPB MultiplayerRank Unranked NFSPB MultiplayerRank Student
Unranked Student Driver
NFSPB MultiplayerRank SundayDriver1 NFSPB MultiplayerRank SundayDriver2 NFSPB MultiplayerRank SundayDriver3
Sunday Driver 1 Sunday Driver 2 Sunday Driver 3
NFSPB MultiplayerRank JoyRider1 NFSPB MultiplayerRank JoyRider2 NFSPB MultiplayerRank JoyRider3
Joy Rider 1 Joy Rider 2 Joy Rider 3
NFSPB MultiplayerRank StreetRacer1 NFSPB MultiplayerRank StreetRacer2 NFSPB MultiplayerRank StreetRacer3
Street Racer 1 Street Racer 2 Street Racer 3
NFSPB MultiplayerRank ProWheelman1 NFSPB MultiplayerRank ProWheelman2 NFSPB MultiplayerRank ProWheelman3
Pro Wheelman 1 Pro Wheelman 2 Pro Wheelman 3
NFSPB MultiplayerRank Champion NFSPB MultiplayerRank Master NFSPB MultiplayerRank Legend
Champion Master Legend


Participating in Speedlists will reward players with additional performance parts, REP, and bank. The amount of bank and REP awarded increases with a higher finishing position.


The amount of bank earned is dependant on the player's finishing position after the final event in the Speedlist has concluded.


An additional amount of reputation is awarded depending on the player's finishing position after the final event in the Speedlist has concluded, but any reputation earned through driving during the Speedlist is added to the player's reputation level as the action occurs.

Underdog Bonus

The Underdog Bonus is an active perk only applied in Ranked Speedlists that will reward a player with additional REP if they're competing with an underpowered vehicle compared to their competition.

Performance Parts

Every player has a chance of winning a performance part whilst participating in a Speedlist regardless of their finishing position at the end of a Speedlist. The chance of winning a performance part, however, increases with a higher finishing position.

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