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A Tune-Up-Shop is a fictional retail chain featured in Need for Speed: Payback that sells performance parts through multiple stores across Fortune Valley.

Players can access any location with any car, but the selection of parts available differs depending on the car the player is currently driving.

They can be found across Fortune Valley with their location highlighted on the map with an icon of a pink shield and a white wrench.



NFSPB Location TuneUpShop Article Buy
The Buy section offers a selection of performance parts that can be purchased. The parts available are of a random assortment but the parts offered refreshes every 10 minutes.

Parts can only be purchased with Bank (NFSPB BankYellow Icon) and their price varies depending on the individual quality rating of each performance part's Speed Card.


NFSPB Location TuneUpShop Article Equip
The Equip section allows the player to swap out performance parts that they have for their car. The parts available includes those won from events, purchased from the Buy section of a Tune-Up-Shop, or those rewarded from Shipments (NFSPB Shipments Base Icon NFSPB Shipments Premium Icon).

Owned performance parts are retained on a per car basis and cannot be exchanged between cars. They can, however, be sold for Bank (NFSPB BankYellow Icon) at any player owned garage or Tune-Up-Shop, or can be traded in for Part Tokens (NFSPB PartToken Icon) at a player owned garage or Tune-Up-Shop.


The Trade-Ins section allows the player to use any earned Part Tokens (NFSPB PartToken Icon) for a roll of a performance part slot machine.

Each roll requires 3 Part Tokens, but the player can choose to lock one of three criteria they wish a part to specifically be and let the other criteria be rolled for. The locked criteria can be set either by the performance part category, brand, or perk.

The quality rating of the part can not be selected and will be generated based on the parts equipped to the player's current vehicle.

NFSPB Location TuneUpShop Article TradeInsCategory
The available selection of performance parts includes all six categories;
  • Head (NFSPB Icons Head Perforrmance)
  • Block (NFSPB Icons Block Perforrmance)
  • ECU (NFSPB Icons ECU Perforrmance)
  • Turbo (NFSPB Icons Turbo Perforrmance)
  • Exhaust (NFSPB Icons Exhaust Perforrmance)
  • Transmission (NFSPB Icons Transmission Perforrmance)

NFSPB Location TuneUpShop Article TradeInsBrand
The available selection of brands includes all five manufacturers;
  • Americana (NFSPB BrandAmericana Icon)
  • Carbon (NFSPB BrandCarbon Icon)
  • Chidori (NFSPB BrandChidori Icon)
  • Nextech (NFSPB BrandNextech Icon)
  • Outlaw (NFSPB BrandOutlaw Icon)

NFSPB Location TuneUpShop Article TradeInsPerk
The available selection of perks includes all six but each roll has a chance of adding up to two additional random perks on top of the perk selected;
  • Acceleration (NFSPB Icons Accel Perk)
  • Brakes (NFSPB Icons Brake Perk)
  • Jump (NFSPB Icons Airtime Perk)
  • Nitrous (NFSPB Icons Nitro Perk)
  • Speed (NFSPB Icons Speed Perk)

Catch-up Packs

Introduced with the February Update, Catch-up Packs can be purchased for Bank (NFSPB BankYellow Icon) to quickly upgrade a new car closer to its maximum performance level.

Each stage of Catch-up Pack includes Stock (NFSPB BrandStock Icon) Speed Cards of a certain level for all six performance categories, and better Catch-up Packs are unlocked by progressing through the career.

Pack Price Unlock
Level 6NFSPB BankYellow Icon71,400Complete chapter 3 of the career - City Lights.
Level 11NFSPB BankYellow Icon131,000Complete chapter 4 of the career - Open Skies.
Level 16NFSPB BankYellow Icon180,000Complete chapter 5 of the career - High Stakes.


NFSPB FortuneValley TuneUpShops
Tune-Up-Shop locations are revealed to the player at the start of chapter 2 - Desert Winds - and can be used as a means of fast travelling.

There are a total of four Tune-Up-Shops across Fortune Valley; 1 in Liberty Desert, 1 in Mount Providence, 3 in Silver Rock, and 1 in Silver Canyon.

Image Map Location
NFSPB TuneUpShop LibertyDesert NFSPB TuneUpShop LibertyDesert Map Liberty Desert Tune-Up-Shop
Liberty Desert
NFSPB TuneUpShop MountProvidence NFSPB TuneUpShop MountProvidence Map Mount Providence Tune-Up-Shop
Mount Providence
NFSPB TuneUpShop SilverCanyon NFSPB TuneUpShop SilverCanyon Map Silver Canyon Tune-Up-Shop
Silver Canyon
NFSPB TuneUpShop SilverRock NFSPB TuneUpShop SilverRock Map Silver Rock Tune-Up-Shop
Silver Rock
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