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Vanity Item Packs are a selection of vanity items made available for individual or bundled purchase for Speed Points (NFSPB SpeedPoints LargeIcon.png).

The offered selection of items for purchase includes items that can be rewarded from opening shipments, but some bundled packs can be made up of exclusive items that are rewarded less often from shipments.

The contents section of each store listed pack highlights the price as well as the item types, items styles, and the number of items included.



An individual pack will offer a single specific item.

  • Solar Storm NFSPB SpeedPointsSmall Icon.png500 - 1x "Solar Storm" underglow
  • Rainbow Dream NFSPB SpeedPointsSmall Icon.png500 - 1x "Rainbow Dream" underglow


A bundled pack will offer more than one item for sale of a similar style.

  • Multicolour Underglow Pack NFSPB SpeedPointsSmall Icon.png300 - 2 multicolour underglows.
    • 1x Green & Turquoise Wave, 1x Green & Turquoise Step
    • 1x Coral & Candy Pink Wave, 1x Coral & Candy Pink Step
    • 1x Candy Pink & Purple Wave, 1x Candy Pink & Purple Step
    • 1x Green & Yellow Wave, 1x Green & Yellow Step


A themed pack will offer multiple items of an associated theme or style.

  • World Competition Pack NFSPB SpeedPointsSmall Icon.png800 - 32 national multicolour underglows.
    • 1x Argentina, 1x Australia, 1x Belgium, 1x Brazil, 1x Colombia, 1x Costa Rica, 1x Croatia, 1x Denmark, 1x Eqypt, 1x England, 1x France, 1x Germany, 1x Iceland, 1x Iran, 1x Japan, 1x Mexico, 1x Morocco, 1x Nigeria, 1x Panama, 1x Peru, 1x Poland, 1x Portugal, 1x Russia, 1x Saudi Arabia, 1x Senegal, 1x Serbia, 1x South Korea, 1x Spain, 1x Sweden, 1x Switzerland, 1x Tunisia, and 1x Uruguay.
  • Police Pack NFSPB SpeedPointsSmall Icon.png500 - 3 multicolour glows and 4 horns.
    • "Boxed In" multicolour underglow
    • "Cop Underglow" multicolour underglow
    • "The Chase" multicolour underglow
    • Cop Siren Hi-Lo horn
    • Cop Siren Wail horn
    • Cop Siren Yelp 1 horn
    • Cop Siren Yelp 2 horn