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This is the soundtrack used for Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed. Most remarkable is the vast number of Rom Di Prisco tracks (in this game he's credited as "Morphadron"). Another special thing are the win and lose themes, which were previously featured only in PlayStation version of Need for Speed: High Stakes.

Menu Themes

Artist Song Title Length
Captain Ginger Psychonaught 02:35
Cypher Aircon 02:31
Cypher Orion Is Lonely 02:39
Morphadron Dr. Know 02:33
Morphadron Cold Fusion Power 02:32

Racing Music

Artist Song Title Length
Captain Ginger Metro Gnome 02:30
Cypher Choose Your Enemy 02:23
Cypher Injector 02:43
Cypher Sentient 02:47
Cypher Twin 02:20
Morphadron Activator 02:29
Morphadron Funky Phreakout 02:35
Morphadron Let The Music Move You 02:19
Morphadron R U Ready 02:38
Morphadron Rezidue 02:28
Morphadron Rock This Place 03:05
Morphadron Stealth Run 02:30
Morphadron The Moebius 03:07
Morphadron The UK Sound 02:07

Special Themes

Artist Song Title Length
Captain Ginger Aquadelic (Lose Theme) 01:00
Captain Ginger Congrats (Win Theme) 00:31
Captain Ginger Mistery Man (Video Chronicle Theme) 2:32
Cypher Champion (Win Theme) 01:06
Cypher Sub Zero (Lose Theme) 01:02
Morphadron Andromeda (Video Chronicle Theme) 3:15
Morphadron Centrifuge (Game Intro Theme) 2:00
Morphadron Gimme The Power (Win Theme) 00:55
Morphadron Hack The Planet (Lose Theme) 00:54
Morphadron Junebug (Video Chronicle Theme) 2:57
Morphadron Transeonic (Video Chronicle Theme) 2:29
Morphadron Warm Storage (Win Theme) 01:09
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